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Every single day, MyBestWebsiteBuilder reviews different website builders. The reviews are written with a single objective in mind - to provide our readers with useful information that will help them choose the best website builder in the market.

Best Website Builders Design

How we test the best website builders?

During the time that we started to research different website builders, we came up with a 6-step review process to provide our readers with honest & fact-based website builder reviews. The review process is simple & clear, and it helps us cover all of the main criteria as far as the best website builders are concerned.

  • We analyze online user reviews.
  • If possible, we purchase the website builder and test it.
  • We check the uptime, time till the first byte and load speed.
  • We check the specifications presented by the website providers themselves.
  • We evaluate each aspect, score & rank the website providers.
  • We structurize analysis results & create in-depth reviews.

List of Best Website Builder Brands

Each website builder comes with their own unique features and widgets. Some will suit you, others you might dislike - it all depends on your wants and needs. Luckily, there’s a wide pool of builders to choose from & we review them on the daily.

38 Online Website Builders Reviews

Theme templates, features, price vs quality, widgets, eCommerce, speed - whatever you value most in a website builder, you should be able to choose from the list below. Read our honest reviews, look at the pros and cons of each website builder & easily decide which site maker will help you create the best website!

15 Categories of Best Website Builder Brands

People have different Website Builders needs and online Website Builders companies react accordingly - they create hundreds of Website Builders for every life situation & preference. But all these possibilities are confusing, aren’t they? Worry not - we have systemized all the most important Website Builders categories for every sleepy-head there is, so you wouldn’t have to spend hours searching for the right one.

Best Website Builders Categories

18 Categories of Best Web Hosting Brands

36 Coupon Deal Pages of the Best Website Builder Brands

We want our readers to save big - that’s why we personally test & verify all the website builder coupons and deals we find. Searching for working coupon codes can take a lot of time, but we are gathering them for you - just pick your favourite website builder & save!

Best Website Builder Deals

3 Holiday Pages of the Best Website Builder Brands

46 In-Depth Website Building Tutorials & How-to Guides

Want to learn more about website building? Explore in-depth topics, find useful tips & learn all about building websites with our how-to guides.

How to choose the best website builders?

Top Website Builders speed


The number one feature advertised by most website builders is speed - “create a website in a matter of minutes!”. The best website builder has to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk - it has to allow its users to create the website that they want in as short a time period as possible. If you can manage to get your website up and running in an afternoon, that website builder was the right choice.

Top Website Builders themes


Themes are one of the most important aspects to any top website builder’s success. They are often showcased in various ad campaigns - the best website builders know that a great theme (and a huge variety of them) might be the deciding factor for a person looking to create a website. But have in mind that a lot of website builders offer a poor variety of themes that can be very outdated.

Top Website Builders ease of use

Ease of Use

Website builders that are easy to use are what everyone wants. After all, if the user wanted the website creation process to be complicated, he/she would have hired a developer. The fact that top website builders do not require any programming knowledge is great, but sadly, not all website makers are easy to use. So before deciding on which website builder you want, make sure using it is not a puzzle.

Top Website Builders ui / ux


A website builder can be really easy to use, and still have a confusing user interface. You will notice that top website builders, however, provide the user with the most beautiful interfaces - they’re clear, don’t cause any confusion, are easily accessible & the layouts are super-simple to manage. These kind of website makers are documented in our best website builder reviews.

Top Website Builders price


Pricing is always important while choosing any service. Even though website creators may seem cheap, don’t be fooled! Some website builders claim to have free services & plans, only to reveal later that vital additional features cost a fortune. You need to look for the best website makers that don’t cost an arm & a leg and offer additional bonuses, like web hosting or AI functions.

Top Website Builders variety of features

Variety Of Features

A proper website builder will offer the user a wide variety of different features to pick from. Want to write a blog? No problem. Changed your mind and now you want to convert your blog into an e-commerce site? You’ve got it! No matter how many times you decide to do something else, the top website builders should always be flexible & offer you great scale of different features.