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Our Mission

MyBestWebsiteBuilder is an independent project, which was created to help solve one particular problem - save money & time on web developers and designers for the work you can do yourself, for pennies. People tend to think that the process of building a website is hard, but that’s certainly not the case - with the right tools, you can do it completely on your own & you won’t even need programming knowledge. And that’s where the top website builders come in.

Internet penetration is steadily growing every minute. That’s why it’s vital for businesses, freelancers or individual projects to be easily accessible & visible online. The main question is - do you want your audience to reach you in a couple of minutes, or in a couple of months? If you want to save your budget and go online literally in 15 minutes - website builders are the solution.

Since our main goal is to help people reach their audiences online, our experts daily analyze the market of website builders, research new emerging players & document user feedback. We are investigators & marketing myth busters: uncovering what’s really behind the service and pricing of website builders is what we do.

By creating professional reviews, we have informed thousands of readers about the cheapest and fastest way to publish websites online & how to avoid sneaky services, as well as hidden fees.

Our mission - to create the most transparent, informative and generally useful website builder reviews for you - our readers - so that you’d be able to find exactly what you’re looking for and not be affected by false advertising & fake prices.

We are proud to say that all of the content on the MyBestWebsiteBuilder website is completely free and will always remain this way. There are no hidden fees & no subscription models - you have the right to access the information you need without any restrictions.

The Problem

If you searched for the best website builder before, you probably noticed the overwhelming amount of those kind of services. Surprisingly, among the cluster of website builders, there are many poor & unreliable ones, and only a few of attention-worthy website creators.

So, how to recognize bad website creators? Well, without manually testing them, it’s really hard to separate the good ones from the bad ones, since they all put a lot of effort into false marketing campaigns & empty promises. But if you feel lost, don’t worry - we are here to help you find the best website builder in the market.

Based on our long-term experience in this field, we know which features are the most important & we easily differentiate the false marketing mist from real claims.

You should also be aware that there are plenty of biased website builder reviews out there. They claim to provide you with the facts, yet present biased opinions that are based on secret deals & brand cooperations instead of reality.

Best Website Builder reviews author

Aaron aka Aaron “Small”

Professional chief editor, online security enthusiast, expert reviewer

Aaron loves everything related to IT, especially online security and website creation. Having created many websites in his career, Aaron knows what differentiates a good website builder from a bad one. He specializes in professional Journalism, and has been quoted by reputable news outlets. Find out more about Aaron here.

Best Website Builder reviews author

Laura M.

Professional editor, reviewer
& a human rights activist

Being a dedicated human rights activist for many years now, Laura strongly believes in the people’s right to access and share information freely. She has built a career out of unbiased and professional reviews of many products that are related to a person’s well-being - website builders are just one of her passions. Laura is a published journalist.

Thomas G.

Professional website developer

Thomas has been designing and building websites for the majority of his life. His in-depth knowledge in the field guarantees that the reviews presented on our site are factually correct and thorough - whichever website builder it may be, Thomas has seemingly tested them all. He knows what he’s talking about.

Riley S.

Data analyst

Riley’s skills in the field of data analysis allow her to quickly round up and filter specific information about website builders. Since there are many user reviews online & we try to go through all of them, a good portion of the reviews don’t provide any constructive information - Riley helps up sort through them in a blink of an eye.

Stefan M.

Graphic designer

Stefan is a graphic design wizard. He has worked in this field for many years & knows which websites are not only visually great, but also easy to use. Stefans helps us determine the UI/UX side of website builders, as well as advise us on themes & templates. He helps our readers to separate attention worthy website builders from lousy ones.

YOU - the reader

Who can give better insights about a product than those people who have tested it? We hear you, and we react accordingly - all of the informative user reviews that you provide us are taken into account, considered and used to inform our readers & correctly determine which website builders are the best.