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Is my password secure?

How Secure is My Password Sticky Note

If you’re asking this question, it means you do care about your online safety. While some believe that it’s very difficult to hack into one’s account, others understand that it’s an easy business. So, in order to protect yourself from cyber-attacks, you should make sure to use a password strength meter, which will show if your password is secure enough.

So, I will present you with our tool, which answers your question “how secure is my password?”. Then you will get to know more about cyber-attacks and threats together with the best password tips and more about the most secure Website Builders & why you should only use the ones that offer SSL encryption.

How Secure is My Password - Tool Explained

The tool “How secure is my password” created for those who want to make sure their password is strong enough, or, if not, what measures should be take in order to make it even tougher.

All you need to do is enter your password and press “enter”, then you will get the results and see what you can do to make your password stronger. You may need to include mixed case letters, numbers or symbols. Note, that your password won’t be sent or recorded, so you can feel free to try it with any of the passwords you want to upgrade.

Therefore, after using “how secure is my password” tool, you will be completely sure about your password, as you will already know how to modify it into a more reliable version of the primary variant.

Password Security - the Best Tips

If you keep asking, “how secure is my password?”, you may not know the principle rules on how to create a safe password for your accounts. But I will introduce you to them right away. Let’s begin.

1. Use a different password for each account

Do you know that about 81% of the data breaches in the companies are happening due to the poor passwords? Does it sound like a serious enough reason to create a different password for each of your accounts? That’s what I thought.

One of the most vital mistakes that so many people make, is using the same password for each of the accounts. So, if the hacker finds out one of your passwords, it will take a few seconds to figure out the rest of them.

How Secure is My Password Hacker

If the password strength checker keeps showing you poor results and you have zero ideas on how to make it better, simply try the password generator. It will create a random password from various symbols and you won’t need to use password strength meter ever again.

It’s also amazing because using such tools you can create an unlimited number of solid passwords for you and your colleagues, no need to waste time thinking. However, if you still decide to create personalized passwords, you should take a look into the following tips.

2. No personal information

Avoid using personal details in your passwords, such as yours or your husband’s/wife’s name, surname, pet’s name, birth date, and so on. Such information is very easily found online.

3. Small password modifications do not work

If you write your name and add an extra symbol, such as ‘*’ or ‘#’, it doesn’t add extra security and your password is still very easy to decipher.

There’s a variety of programs that can decipher a simple password in a few seconds, so, if you’re using similar ones for all of your account’s, it will be even more simplistic.

4. Password from at least 12 symbols

How Secure is My Password Locked

You should always remember that short passwords are not as secure as the longer ones. So, you should make sure to create a password from at least 12 symbols. It would be best if you include from 15 to 20 types. Also, include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and several symbols.

Avoid the most common phrases and numbering, such as:

  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • qwerty
  • Password
  • 111111

Believe me, when I say it, it’s not an option for those who seek to protect a password. These are the first passwords that anyone would check (or not, as they’re too obvious).

5. Change passwords regularly

How Secure is My Password Typing

Every time anyone else finds out your password, or you simply share it with someone, make changes right away. While the person who’s using your password may not share it with anyone else, if there are breaches in his/her computer, your information can be also revealed.

And, even if you do not share it, simply change it from time to time, just to be sure. If you do it using a password generator, you will no longer need to check “how secure is my password?”, you will know that it’s very challenging to decipher.

6. Keep your passwords secure in the password manager

If you use the same phrase for each of your accounts and don’t care about your password security, then I believe you do not need a password manager.

BUT, if you’re just like me or anyone else who keeps questioning online safety, then you create a different password for each of your accounts and you need some kind of storage to remember them all. Am I right?

In this case, I recommend using a password manager. It’s the most secure and reliable place to store your passwords, especially when they’re very difficult to remember. Here are some of the most popular password manager alternatives:

  • 1Password
  • Blur
  • Sticky Password

Note that you should never store your passwords in your email, facebook messages or other easily-accessible platforms. It’s all for your own safety.

Protect Your Computer

You keep asking yourself, is my password secure? But what about your computer? There are certain security measures you should consider in order to protect your data from cyber-attacks.

1. Anti-virus software

The first one is the most obvious - use anti-virus software. It’s the very first step you should make to protect yourself from the malware. And the best thing is that today you can choose from a variety of free and paid options. Here are some of the alternatives you can try:

  • Avast
  • Bitdefender
  • Avira

2. Only use Website Builders that offer SSL certification

You may or may not know that SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer & you usually can see it as a small padlock icon in the browsers’ search bar. If the padlock is locked & green - the website that you’re visiting has a SSL certification & is secure, if the padlock is crossed out or red - the website may not be safe. Why is it so important? If the website doesn’t have SSL, all the passwords and other sensitive information stored there might be easily accessible to the prying eyes.

How Secure is My Password with SSL

So when you’re creating a website, it’s very important to only use brands which offer SSL along with the website you build with them. I mean, nobody wants their sensitive information to be leaked. Still, there are Website Makers that won’t secure your data & you’ll have to do it yourself. Luckily, the best Website Builders offer this important features & website makers like Wix is no exception.

3. Stay out of phishing emails

The last topic that I would love to discuss is phishing emails. You may have never heard what they’re called but you definitely know what they are. Frauds use phishing emails in order to receive sensitive information, such as your passwords, credit card details, and so on.

How Secure is My Password Change

But how to recognize phishing emails?

Such emails come from an unknown source, asking you to connect to some sort of website and approve your personal information. That’s one of the cases. Once you’re hooked, online frauds have a chance to steal your personal information.

Note that while the majority of the phishing emails go to “spam”, some of them can still make it through.


Therefore, it’s quite easy to find out the answer to the question “how secure is my password?” but that’s not the only concern you should be focused on. While it’s very important to create a highly secure and complex password, you should also take care of your computer and internet connection’s security.

You already know that the best way to stay out of trouble is ignoring unknown and suspicious messages, installing anti-virus and using only these Website Builders, that offer SSL certification.

Make sure to use these tips every day, and you won’t have to be worried about anyone threatening your personal data.

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How to find out if my password is secure enough?

The easiest way to find out if your password is secure enough is using the password strength checker.

How does the “password checker” tool work?

The password checker sees how many symbols and what combinations you’re using. Taking these aspects into consideration, it will give you advice on what letters or symbols to add in order to improve your password.

What is the best password length?

The best password length is at least 12 symbols, however, if you want it to be extra secure, make it about 15-20 symbols.

What is the best place to store passwords?

You should never store your passwords in messages or emails, use password managers to keep your passwords safe and fill them in when needed.

How does VPN security work?

VPN encrypts your data and allows you to use the public or shared network as if you were using a private internet connection. It also hides your IP address and makes you less easily trackable.

What are phishing emails?

Phishing emails are the fraud attempt to obtain your personal, sensitive information by sending you emails from fake websites, which usually require to confirm some sort of your personal data.