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If you’ve been looking for GreenGeeks review, you probably know that the web hosting industry negatively affects the environment. That being said, if you want to make a difference you should go for green web hosting providers. While there aren’t that many environmentally-friendly services to choose from, GreenGeeks is one of the options that you should take into account. 

In this GreenGeeks review, we’ll take a look at this provider up close, find out what are the company’s main values, how and when it was founded, and what green web hosting providers are all about

What is more, you will find out more about GreenGeeks hosting services, pricing, performance, and so on. Needless to say, once you’re done with this Greengeeks review, you will know if this platform is exactly what you were looking for. 

Wait no more and jump further to find out more about GreenGeeks and green web hosting. 

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GreenGeeks Review: Intro to Green Web Hosting and GreekGeeks

While some of you came to this GreenGeeks review because it’s a green hosting provider, others probably have no clue what that means and how it works, so let me quickly explain. 

Green hosting, also known as eco-friendly hosting, aims to reduce environmental impact and so such companies are using various green technologies that help them to achieve that. 

You won’t come across green hosting providers that often, however, there are definitely enough options that you can choose from. GreenGeeks is considered to be one of the top-rated green hosting providers, so it should definitely catch your attention.  

GreenGeeks review: front page.

GreenGeeks was founded back in 2006 and is located in Wilmington, Delaware. They have a dedicated management team that has more than 40 years of experience in the field. The company’s main goal is to provide high-quality, yet affordable web hosting. 

Now, let’s talk numbers. GreenGeeks has more than 50,000 customers and has already hosted more than 600,000 websites. Also, they claim that they replace more than 615,000 kWh per year. It sounds like they’re truly making an impact. 

The main reason why people who are looking for eco-friendly web hosting choose GreenGeeks is because they have a positive energy footprint on the environment as they manage to replace 3 times the amount of energy that your website uses

Moreover, GreenGeeks claims that they strongly focus on customer service, they have a team of hosting experts that will help you to solve the issues that you’re having. Also, they created a complete solution that will help to get online without much effort as well as promote your business to achieve better results.

As long as we’re talking about the company, its main goals and promises, everything seems to be in order, however, it’s not always as it looks like in the first place, so let’s move further to find out more about the platform in this GreenGeeks review.


  • Environmentally-friendly hosting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 99,95% uptime
  • Variety of services


  • Only 3 data centers

GreenGeeks Review: PROS

When choosing the best web hosting provider for your personal needs, there are multiple aspects that must be taken into consideration. I distinguished the most crucial, so you’ll be able to take a look at GreenGeeks from different perspectives.

I will evaluate such aspects as the variety of services offered, features, security, uptime, speed, customer support, and even more. That said, it will help you to make up your mind about GreenGeeks hosting. 

Now, I will begin by discussing the positive aspects of the platform, then move on to the less good ones, and before finishing this review, I will provide you with GreenGeeks’ prices and available plans. 

All that said, let’s begin our GreenGeeks review. 

Environmentally-Friendly - 3 Times Less Energy 

Eco-friendliness is probably the most common phrase that you can hear when looking for GreenGeeks reviews. That’s why I would like to take a look at this aspect in the first place. 

You might know that the internet industry consumes a huge amount of energy. This mostly has to do with the fact that there are millions of large servers that are blasted with cold air temperature every day to make sure that they do not overheat and fail. The majority of the needed energy is produced from carbon polluting sources. Based on GreenGeeks, data centers currently account for 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, however, this number might increase to 14% by 2040. 

GreenGeeks: green web hosting.

Since it’s definitely a huge issue, GreenGeeks aims to contribute to solving this problem. The company partners with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) that calculate their energy consumption and carbon footprint and then purchases RECs 3 times as much as they consumed. This way, they’re not only using less energy, they actually give back. 

Since GreenGeeks are committed to giving back to nature and are doing that successfully, they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are a top-rated service among other green web hosting companies. 

All things considered, if you’re looking for a green web hosting provider, GreenGeeks could definitely be a suitable option for you. However, it’s crucial to move on and discuss more technical details to understand if it’s truly worth it.

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Multiple Services to Choose From

There are multiple web hosting services available, so when choosing one for you, it’s crucial to consider your wants and needs. Now, GreenGeeks provides a variety of hosting services, including: 

  • Shared web hosting
  • WordPress hosting 
  • Managed VPS hosting 
  • Reseller hosting

Understanding the difference between these four types of hosting is not that simple if you haven’t heard about them before, so let me explain how each of these services works. 

GreenGeeks review: services.

Shared web hosting is considered to be the most basic one, however, at the same time, it’s super affordable. This type of hosting is mostly recommended for small websites and personal sites that don’t get much traffic. The word ‘shared’ means that you’ll be sharing resources with other websites on the same server. The main problem with such web hosting is that if traffic in one website strongly increases, you might expect your website performance to decline. 

Now, the name ‘WordPress hosting’ says it all. It’s recommended for WordPress users as you get seamless integration, fast speed, enhanced security, and other aspects that are crucially important if you want your WordPress website to be at its best. 

GreenGeeks VPS hosting is more expensive, yet better than shared hosting for a few simple reasons. While you’ll be also sharing one server with multiple websites, there will be a part of resources assigned specifically to you. That’s why, you can expect better performance, speed, and other benefits over shared hosting. 

Reseller hosting provides you with the ability to offer hosting services to your clients, similarly as if you were a web hosting service. It’s great for those who want to add additional services to their websites, or even start their own business company. 

Whether it’s shared, WordPress, or GreenGeeks VPS hosting, you should pick an option based on your needs.

 GreenGeeks review: pricing.

Now as you came here looking for GreenGeeks review, let’s focus on each plan separately and see what features you get. 

GreenGeeks shared web hosting provides you with everything you need to successfully run your website. You get all the essentials such as SSD web space, unmetered data (even when it comes to the most basic plan that starts from $2,49 per month), free email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, free drag-and-drop website builder, and so on. 

Moreover, you get various eCommerce features, including free shopping cart installation and premium SSL certificates. Also, each of these plans provides great performance, security and reliability, and helpful customer service that will be there for you when needed. If you choose GreenGeeks hosting, you can consider your website 3 times greener. 

When it comes to WordPress hosting, the pricing also starts at $2,49. The most basic plan allows you to host 1 website, provides you with 50GB of web space, unmetered data transfer, 50 email accounts, and standard performance. The features improve as you choose a more expensive plan. The Premium one is completely unlimited and you also get a free dedicated IP. 

Moreover, there’s no difference in which GreenGeeks web hosting plan you choose, you will always get a free SSL certificate, free GreenGeeks domain name for the first year, nightly backup, free CDN, unlimited databases, 30-day money-back guarantee and LSCache included

GreenGeeks review: security features.

Also, since we’re talking about WordPress hosting here, you should know that GreenGeeks is completely optimized for WordPress to ensure 99,99% uptime. You’re also provided with all the needed tools and functionality for the most pleasant WordPress hosting experience. 

Now, let’s take a look at GreenGeeks’ managed VPS hosting. This option is more expensive, the plans start from $39,95 per month. However, you get amazing tools and features that are completely worth the price. First of all, you will be fully managed, so you won’t need to worry about certain performance issues. What is more, you will get a variety of data center locations to choose from, including the United States, Europe and Canada. 

Moreover, GreenGeeks VPS hosting provides you with 24/7 monitoring to instantly fix all the issues for you, free cPanel migrations, advanced security features such as DDoS protection, dedicated IP, latest Intel Xeon Processors for the best performance, CentOS 7 64-bit operating system, and even more. 

The final service that’s left to be discussed is Reseller hosting. It allows you to earn recurring revenue by starting your own web hosting business. GreenGeeks makes this process pretty simple by providing you with account management automation and easy billing management. Also, your security will be taken seriously, you will be provided with all the necessary developer tools and multiple other perks. Needless to say, this plan is definitely the most recommended one for fast-growing businesses. 

If you want to find GreenGeeks prices for each of the discussed plans, you can jump straight to the end of this review and find all the information regarding prices there

99,95% Uptime - Better than Average

When analyzing the most crucial features that are important when choosing a reliable web hosting provider, you will definitely come across uptime and downtime. I believe that these factors should play the most important role when making a decision about which hosting service to choose. Let me explain why that is and what these terms mean. 

Uptime refers to the time that your website is accessible to visitors and potential clients. Obviously, the higher the uptime, the better. Downtime, on the other hand, is completely opposite, it refers to the time that your website is not available

That said, even if you get the most exceptional features and functionality but your website is not accessible, those perks have zero value. So always keep these aspects in mind.

To make sure that GreenGeeks is reliable, I analyzed the uptime of the last 10 days. The uptime came out to be 99,95%. That’s quite a good result compared to multiple other web hosting providers. Of course, you could always hope for even better uptime - 99,99%, however, not that many hosting services can offer that, even though they claim otherwise. 

Now, what does 99,95% uptime really mean? To answer this question, I used our uptime calculator, here are the results for the time that your website is going to be down:

  • 43s daily;
  • 5m 2s weekly;
  • 21m 54s monthly;
  • 4h 22m 58s yearly. 

GreenGeeks review: uptime.

The results are definitely pretty great. When it comes to uptime, I couldn’t find any negative GreenGeeks web hosting reviews as well as GreenGeeks complaints, so you should rest assured that it won’t disappoint you.  

Start Creating Your Website with Weebly

It’s evident that not everyone who’s looking for a web hosting provider already has a website. If you have experience when creating websites, programming knowledge, and other necessary skills to create a website from scratch, then you won’t have any issues with this task

However, since not everyone has the needed skills, there’s an amazing option that can help. No matter which GreenGeeks plan you choose, you will get the ability to use Weebly - one of the better-rated website builders. Website builders are an amazing alternative for non-technical people who don’t want to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to professionals that can create a website for them.

GreenGeeks review: Weebly homepage.

While there are multiple other amazing options, such as Squarespace, Zyro and Webflow, Weebly provides you with all the necessary features and tools that are needed to create functional and professional-looking websites, both personal and business ones. You can easily activate Weebly by opening a ticket in your GreenGeeks account.

Now, Weebly is a drag-and-drop website builder that’s super easy to use. It provides a variety of sleek and modern-looking templates that will allow you to create an attractive website in no time

Using Weebly, you’ll be able to easily customize your website without the need for coding knowledge. You can style using unique fonts, add and edit images, display videos, and so much more. More than 50 million people are already using this platform and the majority of them are pleased with the experience.

So, if you don’t have a website yet and are planning to create one by yourself, Weebly is one of the options that you should take into account, especially if you choose GreenGeeks hosting. 

Otherwise, you should also check out such recommended options as Squarespace, Zyro and Webflow that I've already mentioned. Each of them provides you with all the necessary tools and functionality that’s needed to create a professional website. 

Helpful Customer Support

Customer service is crucially important when it comes to services like web hosting. That’s why it’s another factor that I want to consider in this GreenGeeks review. 

Now, GreenGeeks has mainly three options when it comes to customer support. You can use a live chat, go to the support center, or visit website tutorials. Each of these options could be really helpful depending on the issue that you’re experiencing

When it comes to the live chat, you can ask anything related to the platform, its plans, usage, and so on. Live chat is recommended when you want to get an answer instantly. I tested it out myself and the GreenGeeks team responded instantly with a solution to my problem. 

GreenGeeks review: features.

If you decide to visit the support center, you will need to use a search box by typing in one or more keywords. If the answer’s there, you will definitely find what you’re looking for without much trouble. 

Now, when it comes to website tutorials, they’re mostly recommended for your personal growth. You can check them out in your spare time to find out more about green hosting and GreenGeeks hosting, in general. It’s definitely a nice way to improve your knowledge in the field

While there’s rarely just one opinion about a service, it seems that the majority of customers are very pleased with GreenGeeks’ customer support and their expertise in the field. 

Positive Customer Reviews

Sometimes, deciding which service to choose based on its features can be a bit tricky. When you encounter this issue, you should always consider checking out customer reviews. After all, people who have been using a platform for years will definitely know its main perks and flaws

For this reason, I analyzed multiple customer GreenGeeks web hosting reviews to check out what people are saying about this platform. Surprisingly or not, the majority of individuals who’ve tried this web hosting provider evaluated it rather positively. GreenGeeks rating on TrustPilot is 4.1 out of 5. While that’s not perfect, it’s definitely one of the top-rated green hosting services. 

There are multiple reasons why customers like this platform, many appreciate how easy it is to switch from their previously-used hosting provider to GreenGeeks. Moreover, people claim that GreenGeeks customer service is very helpful and answers all of their questions when needed. Also, many like the features they get for such a low price and, of course, the fact that they’re choosing a green hosting provider that allows them to contribute to the environment at least slightly.  

GreenGeeks review: numbers related to the service.

Now, there were some GreenGeeks complaints when it came to usability, however, it’s natural that everyone has a different opinion on the same service, so it would be impossible to avoid negative feedback. 

Customer GreenGeeks web hosting reviews was the final aspect that I wanted to take into account before moving to the less pleasant part of this GreenGeeks review. So now it’s time to move further and find out what this platform is missing. 

GreenGeeks Review: CONS

Even though GreenGeeks sounds like a truly great platform, it also has some flaws that you should be aware of. While there’s not much to discuss at this point, let’s get straight to it. 

Three Data Centers

If you want your website to load quickly, one of the aspects that you need to consider is server locations. That said, the more servers in different locations the platform has, the better website speed you can expect. 

When it comes to GreenGeeks data centers, you can choose from 3 different locations where you want your web hosting provisioned:

  • Chicago, US
  • Montreal, CA
  • Amsterdam, NL

All of the company’s servers are housed inside a state-of-art data center facility. They’re equipped with all the needed features and security measures to ensure that your data is protected, including climate control, fire suppression systems, raised floor, 24/7 security, and so much more. 

Since GreenGeeks has 3 data centers in the United States, Canada and Netherlands, you might experience less good performance if you’re living outside these areas. That’s why every user can have a bit of a different experience when it comes to GreenGeeks, especially when it comes to website loading time. 

However, other than that, there should be completely no issues when using GreenGeeks. 

GreenGeeks Hosting Prices

It’s time to talk about prices.

Just like every web hosting service, GreenGeeks’ prices depend on the hosting type and the plan you choose. As mentioned at the beginning of this GreenGeeks review, the provider offers 4 different web hosting services, including shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, managed VPS hosting and reseller hosting. Each of them comes with multiple plans, so let’s take a look at them all. 

Shared web hosting prices look like this: 

As we already discussed, the main difference between these plans is the number of websites, the limit of web space, data transfer and e-mail accounts. Also, the better plan you choose, the better performance you can expect. Other than these features, you get the same benefits no matter which plans you choose. 

When it comes to WordPress hosting, the prices look like this: 

As you can see, the prices for WordPress hosting are completely the same as shared hosting. These plans will provide you with everything you need to manage your WordPress website successfully, including 1-click WordPress installation, automatic updates, WordPress acceleration, and so on

Now, let’s move to GreenGeeks VPS pricing:

These plans are recommended for those who are looking for managed VPS hosting. They come with exceptional features such as proactive monitoring, dedicated IP, advanced security, and so much more. 

Now, take a look at GreenGeeks Reseller hosting prices

The main differences between these plans are disk space, data transfer amount, and a number of cPanel accounts. Other than that, each of the plans will provide you with the same features. 

Even though the prices strongly vary depending on your needs and preferences, GreenGeeks pricing seems to be on par with industry standard. Although, shared web hosting prices are definitely some of the lowest in the market. 

Now that all is said and done, let’s wrap this GreenGeeks review up and move straight to the conclusions. 

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As mentioned at the beginning of this GreenGeeks review, it’s one of the green hosting providers that was founded back in 2006. The company’s main goal is to reduce environmental impact and even give some resources back. 

In general, GreenGeeks could be rated as one of the better hosting providers. It offers multiple services, including shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, managed VPS hosting and reseller hosting. The pricing for these plans is also quite attractive - the basic plan starts from $2,49 per month

What is more, this green hosting provider allows you to create fast and good-performing websites. With an uptime of 99,95%, your website will be down for only 43 seconds per day. Also, if you don’t have a website yet, you’ll be able to start creating one with Weebly website builder that’s super easy to use, even for beginners. 

The only problem is that GreenGeeks has only 3 data centers, so some inconsistencies in performance can be expected in certain areas. However, I was unable to find other GreenGeeks complaints. 

So if you’re looking for a green hosting provider GreenGeeks might be just the right fit for you, but if you want to check out other recommended hosting services, you should definitely take a look at HostGator, GoDaddy and Bluehost

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What is GreenGeeks web hosting?

GreenGeeks is one of the top green hosting providers. It offers a variety of services to choose from, provides great security features, attractive prices, helpful customer support, and other attractive aspects. 

What are GreenGeeks prices?

GreenGeeks pricing for shared web hosting looks like this: 

As you can see, GreenGeeks is a truly affordable provider. 

What are the main features of the best web hosting services providers?

The two core features that every single web hosting service provider should possess are top-tier uptime statistics, and high site speeds. There is a certain industry benchmark for both of these features, and all of the high-end hosting services should at least reach it. Additional features include automated backups, SSL certificates, unlimited storage, 24/7/365 customer support, and WordPress compatibility.

Can I transfer an already-existing website from one hosting service to another?

Yes, you can! The majority of the high-end website hosting providers will allow you to transfer your website completely free of charge. In most cases, you can also expect the customer support teams of these companies to help you with the transferring process, so that your website would remain intact all throughout it. This service, however, does often end up costing some money - the initial migration process, though, is often free.

Do web hosting services come with integrated website builders?

Some of them do, yes. This is something that solemnly depends on the website hosting service of your choice - the better-known hosting providers do often come with integrated site builders, with some more-prominent examples being Hostinger and HostGator. While the website builder integration is situation-dependent, you can expect the absolute majority of hosting services to support WordPress.

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