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Website Builder Student Discount Directory

Looking for the best website builder student discount? Search no more - this personal website builder student discount directory includes all the the best brands that offer great student deals!

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Zyro Website Builder Student Discounts

Zyro Website Builder Student Discount

Additional 20%
At the checkout with code BLACKFRIDAY20
By creating a Zyro account
On all plans
May be of limited-time
Wix Website Builder Student Discounts

Wix Website Builder Student Discount

Student Beans
Student Beans
Anyone over the age of 16 and in full-time education including uni, college, sixth form, and high school can use Student Beans.
On all Yearly Plans
Squarespace Website Builder Student Discounts

Squarespace Website Builder Student Discount

To your Squarespace account
Via your academic email address
You have to sign up with your academic email address
For the first full year of Squarespace
Discount valid on a new subscription purchase for a Squarespace website
Weebly Website Builder Student Discounts

Weebly Website Builder Student Discount

To your Weebly account
Create a Weebly account
Basic Weebly plan
WordPress Website Builder Student Discounts

WordPress Website Builder Student Discount

Student Beans
Student Beans
Available to full‑time students in the United States only
Apply the code at checkout for a deal on any new purchase
Webflow Website Builder Student Discounts

Webflow Website Builder Student Discount

To your Weebly account
Via your academic email address
You have to sign up with your academic email address
CMS site plan for a whole year, only for monthly plans
Strikingly Website Builder Student Discounts

Strikingly Website Builder Student Discount

3 Free months of Pro plan
To your Strikingly account
With an .edu email
College students
For a Pro plan


Zenfolio Website Builder Student Discount

6 months for free
To your Zenfolio account
Creating an account
Normal account is enough
For a trial student account

Students Need Reliable Website Builders

Finding legitimate website builder student discounts might prove to be an annoying process, especially if you don’t really know where to look, in the first place. Well, whether it be Squarespace students discounts or Wix student discounts, we’ve got you covered - no more aimless searching required!

Depending on what type of a student you are, you might find yourself in a situation where a reliable website builder is absolutely crucial for you to improve your skills and increase your knowledge pool.

The majority of students that are going to need personal website builder student discounts are those that study in the field of IT. Oftentimes, school-based assignments are simply not enough for you to truly improve your skills and expertise working with websites.

Website Builder Student Discount: Students

Non-IT students might definitely need a website builder with student discounts, as well. There are many subjects in universities and colleges that require you to create your own website, for one reason or another. While this can, indeed, be done for free (in some cases), the free versions of the sites won’t usually suffice, since they are very limited.

Whatever the case might be, it is pretty evident that students need the best website builder student discounts that they could apply and get themselves some of the industry-leading builders.

A High-End Website Builder for High-End Websites

High-end website builders are literally some of the best investments that you could make if you find yourself in need for a builder, in the first place. While you could utilize a website builder student discount and get yourself the site creation tool for a much smaller fee, this doesn’t take away from it being amazing, whatsoever.

Now, why aim only for the “top-tier” builders out there? Well, in order to answer that, let’s assume that you’re a student who’s looking for a Weebly or Squarespace student discounts for one of two reasons - either for a school assignment, or in order to create some sort of a project of your own.

If you’re someone who needs a website builder student discount because you’re looking for a builder for a school assignment, a top-tier builder will allow you to not only perform the tasks required to fulfill your assignment, but also exceed the requirements tenfold.

Website Builder Student Discount: Studying

Thing is, the best website builders come with a variety of different features. By exploring all of those features, you could add additional perks to your assignment, thus not only pleasing your professor with the end result, but also learning a whole lot more in the process.

If, however, you’re someone who needs a website builder with student discount for your own, personal projects, this is where the high-end builders truly shine. Say, you’re trying to start up a sales-oriented website while still being in college. With builders such as Shopify, you’d be able to create an amazing-looking and functioning website in no time!

As you can probably see for yourself, the possibilities are endless. Be it a Wix student discount or any other, it’s always a good idea to focus only on the best builders and the most sought-after website builder student discounts out there.

How to Get a Website Builder Student Discount?

Now, we’ve discussed some of the more notable reasons for why you should aim to choose only the personal website builder student discounts that will provide you with deals for the top-rated builders out there. So, how do you go about picking and getting yourself a great discount, then?

The very first thing that you should try to do is find which of the top-rated builders out there fits your preferences. Not all builders are the same - some are better for eCommerce, others - for blogging. Read up, take your time and make the right choice!

After finding a builder that suits your needs, the next step is to figure out whether or not this tool has available website builder student discounts. If, in fact, it does, you can then apply for that discount.

Website Builder Student Discount: Tired

How does that work, though?

Well, there are a few different ways of how it could work. You might be given a list of different schools to pick from - all that you need to do is find your school on that list, fill out the specifics and you’re set!

In other cases, you might need to fill out some special forms or send your information to the builder company directly. Here, you are going to need some form of student identification - student IDs usually work perfectly fine.

Either way, the process should be pretty smooth and shouldn’t take long at all. Once you’re all done, you’ll receive a special code that will allow you to get the builder that you’d like, with a great website builder student discount!


If there’s one thing to take away from this entire read, it is this - do make sure that you’re choosing to go with only the best website builders on the market!

Website builder student discounts are cool and all, but if these discounts are aimed at less-than-great builders, you’ll end up being disappointed, even if you do get a pretty good deal.

Website Builder Student Discount: Computer

A proper website builder, however, will not only supply you with the means of acing all of your school assignments, but will also provide the features required in order to create top-tier, beautiful and functional websites. Who knows - perhaps that specific website will grow to become the next social media or eCommerce giant?

All in all, I hope that this article was useful for you, and I wish you the absolute best of luck in finding the best personal website builder student discounts and creating the website of your dreams!


How do I apply for the website builder student discount?

There are a few ways of how you can do this, but the most common scenarios would be that you either send the company your student information, or choose a school on the provider’s website and go from there. This is a system that is pretty popular with, for example, Squarespace.

Which of the website builder providers offer the best website builder student discounts?

That would be the top-rated brands within the builder industry. A couple of pretty popular examples would include Squarespace and Wix, but there are other builders that aren’t only top-tier, but also offer discounts aimed at students, as well.

What are ‘flat’ and ‘percentage-based’ discounts?

These are the two types of website builder student discounts that you might encounter. Flat ones reduce your price tag by a flat sum, while percentage-based discounts cut a certain percentage off of your purchase. The actual discounts will depend on the provider.

Can I get a website builder student discount if I'm no longer a student?

Nope. These discounts are reserved exclusively for students, and it is thus impossible to get yourself one if you are no longer studying in a college or a university. You might, however, be eligible for other types of discounts.

What sort of documentation do I need in order to be eligible for a website builder student discount?

In the majority of cases, a student ID will suffice. Think about it this way - you’ll likely need to provide enough information to prove that you are, in fact, studying in a specific college or university. The actual documentation depends on the builder.

Can I get more discounts in addition to the student’s one?

No, you can’t. If you’re already using a website builder student discount, you cannot stack other discounts on top of that. To be frank, the same is true with any other type of discount out there.