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How to know your website’s uptime? It’s as simple as pressing a button.

Uptime Calculator Stopwatch

“Uptime” and “downtime” are two terms that are frequently used in the hosting provider industry. A lot of people seem to be confused by this terminology - what is uptime, what does it mean, why is it important? After reading this article, you’ll not only learn what is uptime, but will also be able to use our uptime calculator to figure out what all of the different percentages mean.

First of all, we’ll start off with the obvious - we’ll talk about what is uptime, what is downtime, and so on. After that, I’ll tell you all about why uptime should be an important factor for you when choosing a hosting provider.

Finally, I’ll tell you all about our uptime calculator (otherwise known as SLA calculator) - how to use it, why use it, and so on.

Always keep in mind the fact that if you’re using a Website Builder that offers bad hosting, your websites' uptime will be really bad. But worry not, there are some of the best Website Creators that will provide you with the best hosting & uptime.

Uptime Calculator: What are “Uptime” and “Downtime”?

Before we talk about the tool or various hosting intricacies, we need to establish some foundations. And the very first things to learn are simple - what are downtime and uptime?

A website’s downtime is the amount of time in any given period during which the site is down and not reachable to the user. As opposed to that, uptime corresponds to the time during the website is at its peak - it’s working, is accessible to the general public, and so on.

Really simple concepts, right?

Well, they kind of are… And they’re kind of not.

Uptime Calculator Countdown

You see, it all depends on just how deep you look at it. On the surface - sure, it’s really simple and easy to understand. However, actually maintaining a close-to-perfect uptime is extremely difficult and involves a whole lot of aspects.

Is the uptime of a website your responsibility? Nope - it’s actually the problem of your hosting provider.

Hosting providers are companies from which you purchase a certain amount of space to store your website. You pay them money, and it is their responsibility to make sure that your site is reachable all the time.

Realistically, that’s quite impossible. A website that would be up 100% of the time doesn’t exist - even super-giants like YouTube and Facebook have the occasional spaz and go down for a minute or two (or a few days). That said, it is possible to get close to that 100%.

Why is Uptime Important?

Uptime calculators and downtime calculators are quite popular nowadays - there has to be a reason for why that is, right?

Yup. And it’s pretty simple - people are searching for the best out of the best.

Website hosting providers offer various different features to make you choose them as the host of your site. However, one of the most important features you should direct your attention to is specifically the offered uptime.

Think of it this way - say, you have a blog with a thousand dedicated readers who follow your every single post. Now, imagine you’re hosting your blog with a fishy hosting service. If you turn on an uptime calculator and calculate that your site has a below-average uptime, you know what this means?

Not ideal? Not ideal.

Uptime Calculator Website is Down

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times more - always pay exceptionally close attention to the uptime that your hosting provider is offering. Not even the best uptime calculators are going to help you once your site is actually down.

Not Always the Fault of the Hosting Provider

Now, with all of that said, there is one thing that SLA calculators are not going to tell you - a website being down is not always the fault of your hosting provider.

There are multiple different reasons for why a site might be down (maintenance, DDoS attacks, bad internet connection on your part, etc.). If you want to know whether or not a website is down, you can always check it with our website checker tool - however, the main point here is that your provider might not be lying about that 99,99% uptime on their part.

Whatever the case might be, how should you pick a hosting provider that would suit your expectations? Well, using our uptime calculator is a good start.

For the sake of the argument, let’s just say that you have two different hosting provider in mind - A and B. Both of the companies offer great features, both have their own strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly, one of them boasts about a 99,99% uptime, while the other offers a 99% one.

You might think the difference is irrelevant (less than 1%), but wait - our downtime calculator begs to differ.

Uptime Calculator Hosting

You might think the difference is irrelevant (less than 1%), but wait - our downtime calculator begs to differ.

A 99,99% uptime means that your website is going to be down for no more than 8,6 seconds per day. Not bad, right? Well, if you go with hosting provider B, you can expect your website to be down for 14 minutes during the day!


Now you can probably understand that every hundredth of a percent is crucial when we’re talking about uptime.

So, we’ve covered some of the main ideas about what is downtime and uptime - we’ve talked about the two concepts, what they mean, how they correlate with website hosting providers, etc.

Now all that’s left is to talk about the thing you came here for - the ultimate uptime calculator tool.

How to Use the Tool?

First things first - why should you use our uptime calculator tool instead of the tens of other, similar tools out there?

A few reasons, really.

First of all, our calculator is much more precise than a lot of the knock-offs out there. If you want precision, you’ve come to the right place.

Also, the uptime calculator that you’ll find on our site is reliable - it shows you the correct data, without skewing the numbers or displaying random equations.

Uptime Calculator Website Offline

Finally, one of the main reasons for using our uptime calculator is simplicity - it’s super-easy to use, requires no time or effort and displays the results immediately. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

So, the way that you would go about using the uptime calculator is this - decide on the percent of uptime that you want to convert into time, type it out and press “ENTER”.

That’s it.

On screen, you will see how the uptime that you’ve typed out translates into time. Days, weeks, months, years - you’ll be able to understand the grand scheme of things, and thus choose the hosting provider appropriately.


With everything said and done, let’s have a quick recap of what we’ve talked about, shall we? After all, useful information is bound to stick better if you repeat it a few different times.

Uptime is the period of time during which your website is live and well. There are many different criteria that can affect the before-mentioned uptime, and if your website is loading too slow or lagging, that still doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s down.

While there are certain things you can do to keep your website “alive” as much as possible (i.e. content optimization), the majority of the responsibility lies solemnly on the shoulders of your website hosting provider.

Hosting providers are companies that, well… Host sites. You would do well to always look for a provider that offers a 99,99% uptime - anything less might cause you some noticeable problems.

Finally, you can always check in with our uptime calculator to find out what percentage means what in terms of your site being up or down. It’s super-simple to use, completely free, doesn’t require you putting in any personal information, and is reliable - everything that you’d expect from a well-crafted uptime calculator!


So - this is it! By now, if you read the article through and through, you should have a pretty good idea of how to use our uptime calculator, what all of the different numbers mean, and so on.

More so, however, you should also be able to tell a good website hosting provider from a lousy one. While this wasn’t exactly intended as the main topic of this short tutorial (that would be the uptime calculator itself), it truly is inseparable from the tool that we’ve talked about.

Whatever the case might be, I hope that you’ll find our calculator useful, and that you shall use it to better your website and make the right decision when choosing a hosting provider.

Also, do remember that you can always improve your uptime with the best Website Builder - by using the top dogs you will always be reachable by your audience!

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What are “uptime” and “downtime”?

Uptime is the amount of time (in a day, week, month, year, etc.) that a website is live and reachable by all organic users. As opposed to that, downtime is a period of time when the site is down, either for maintenance, DDoS attacks, server failure, or any other reason.

What does “SLA” mean?

SLA stands for “Service Level Agreements”. It is basically an indicator of just how available a website is agreed upon to be.

Can the uptime calculator calculate the amount of time that my website has been down?

No, it cannot. There’s a common misconception that calculator like these can possess the information of just how long a website has been down in a particular period of time. These tools are instead used to inform the general public about the meaning of the different percentage you see thrown around in the website hosting industry.

What’s the point of an “uptime calculator”?

Uptime calculators serve the purpose of informing a person - you - of what the different numbers mean when hosting providers use terms such as “99,99% uptime - guaranteed!”. With the help of such a calculator, you’ll be able to understand just what amounts of downtime you’re looking at.

How using a good Website Builder might affect my uptime?

It all depends on the hosting they offer or if they offer it at all! If the hosting is good & the website doesn't experience any errors or inconveniences - your websites' uptime will be great & your audience will be able to reach you anytime.

Can there be 100% uptime?

No. Frankly, that’s impossible - if you come across a website hosting provider that’s offering a guaranteed 100% uptime, my advice for you is to turn around and run at the opposite direction - it’s likely a huge scam.