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Our main virtue - trust

The team is proud to say that in the world of empty promises & flashy marketing slogans, we try to be as simple and honest as possible. The main values of MyBestWebsiteBuilder.com are independence, only fact-based information, honesty & helpfulness. All the work we do here revolves around these virtues.

We know that without the trust of our readers, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do best - craft in-depth website builder reviews, create guides & give out personal tips.

The testing process is also a huge part of creating MyBestWebsiteBuilder.com. Since we noticed a huge lack of real, fact-based website maker reviews, our 6-step testing process came to life. Our team of professionals research, analyze & evaluate huge amounts of information each day, so that you could get the most important insights in one place. If there’s a possibility, we purchase the website builders ourselves in order to feel like a customer would.

Every piece of content found on our website is free for everyone. No hidden subscription fees & unclear pricing models. With the reviews created, we aim to help people see through false claims of website builders & choose the right ones for creating their dream sites.

Everything’s done with honesty

Even though some review sites avoid being transparent & open with their readers, we believe that honesty is the best policy. That’s why we are proudly disclosing how the site operates & remains free for thousands of users reading everyday. Since we value your trust the most, we:

  • Don’t do paid rankings
  • Don’t turn a blind eye to website builder flaws or issues
  • Don’t do biased paid reviews
  • Don’t do paid ads
  • Don’t do paid research or announcements

The way we operate

Since the website is completely free & accessible for anyone in the world, it’s important to get some kind of funds & keep the site up and running. Also, we invest greatly into the review process, since we test everything ourselves from start to finish.

MyBestWebsiteBuilder.com is a fully reader-supported project. We don’t take any payments for reviewing services, changing already written reviews, altering our rankings or faking our testing scores.

The primary funding of MyBestWebsiteBuilder.com comes from the donations of our readers, who want to support the website’s main purpose - honest website builder reviews.

We mainly rely on the donations and, to grant you with the best price offers, we may also receive a small affiliate commission if a reader decides to purchase services via some links provided on site, at no extra cost to the reader. Commission never plays a role in the review process, it is claimed only after the review is fully published live. We always appreciate any kind of reader support!

By disclosing the way website operates, we hope to showcase you our honesty & transparency. While other review sites mask their funding models, we don’t have anything to hide!