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Do you want to open a dropshipping business? Is the world of eCommerce something that you’ve been dreaming about getting into? The best way to start off would be to create an online shop - and for that, you’ll need to know about the best eCommerce website builders!

The way that we’ll go about finding the best online store builder is simple - I’ll tell you about 7 great options, list their pros and cons, and, by the end of this “Best eCommerce Website Builder” list, you should be able to know which one of them suits you best.

The list is, as follows:

Best eCommerce Website Builder: What is an eCommerce Website Builder?

Since you’re reading this “Best eCommerce Website Builder” review, I’m going to assume that you already know what a website builder is. A website builder for eCommerce, however, is usually different from the rest of the builders on the market.

First of all, let’s get the obvious thing out of the way - if you’re searching for the “best free eCommerce website builder” or a “cheap eCommerce website builder”, you might fall short of luck. You see, while it’s possible to find a website builder that would be free (not counting hosting and domain name, that is), things get a little muddier when eCommerce gets into the mix.

With eCommerce, you're out there to make money. Naturally, this type of a website is going to need a lot of management and some pretty heavy features and widgets. Given that, it’s going to be pretty rare - almost impossible - to come across a website builder for eCommerce that would be free and also be good.

As for the rest of the differences, well… If you forget the price, then the best online store builder is also going to be packed with multiple different features and options. A good builder here should not only have things such as store integration or abandoned cart recoveries, but also various different payment gateways, product support, design choices, and so on.

That should cover the majority of the main areas of how a standard website builder differs from the best eCommerce website builder. Any other differences will come up as we talk about the providers themselves.

On that note, though, let’s jump straight into the actual best website builder for eCommerce list.

1. Shopify - Best Overall

Ranks #1 out of 7 Website Builders

Whether you’ve been interested in eCommerce for the longest time, or you’ve just had a dream about establishing an online brand last night, chances are that you’ve heard about Shopify either way.

Without a doubt, as far as best eCommerce website builders are concerned, Shopify is the most popular and well-known eCommerce platform out there. Most of the major dropshipping businesses use it, a whole lot of YouTubers use it - the company has definitely built a name for itself over the years.

So, what makes Shopify one of the best online store builders out there? Many different things, really. First of all, the platform is super-easy to use. The UI is very straightforward, the design process of your site is streamlined pretty well, and you can see changes live as you make them.

Furthermore, Shopify scales pretty well as far as the best website builders for eCommerce go. Scaling is an extremely important feature here - if a builder is bad at scaling together with the growth of your business, well… Let’s just say that you’ll have to go out and look for a new website maker.

What is the Price of the Shopify Website Builder?

Shopify offers its customer three distinct pricing options. They are, as follows:

All of the three plans are tailored around different sizes of your company. For example, if you’re just starting out and don’t even have a logo of your company yet, then Basic Shopify is going to suit you best.

On the flip side, if you already own a huge enterprise and want to scale your reach even further, then the Advanced version of the builder is going to be the right one for you.

Visit Shopify
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2. BigCommerce - Good for Bigger Businesses

Ranks #2 out of 7 Website Builders

While BigCommerce might not be as well-known as the other builders on this list, it’s definitely a tool that should be on your radar if you’re looking for the best eCommerce website builder out there.

Now, what makes BigCommerce stand out from the rest of its competition? Is it the best FREE eCommerce website builder? Or perhaps it has the most responsive tool on this list?

Well, it’s neither of those things, but what BigCommerce is is a dedicated, eCommerce-exclusive website maker - the name is kind of a dead giveaway, really.

To begin with, BigCommerce has some amazing stats as far as TTFB and site speeds are concerned. To put it short, this means that your customers or website visitors should never encounter a problem with them not being able to access your website due to lag and slow loading speeds.

Furthermore, features are abundant with this builder - you’ll receive everything from social media integrations and cart management, all the way to multiple app support, different payment gateways and more!

What is the Price of the BigCommerce Website Builder?

BigCommerce’s prices are, as follows:

As you can probably see for yourself, BigCommerce is far from being a “CHEAP eCommerce website builder”. That being said, users state that the price reflects the quality of the builder pretty well - you’re paying for a tool that’s exclusively designed for online shopping.

Visit BigCommerce
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3. Squarespace - Good Visual Appeal

Ranks #3 out of 7 Website Builders

Squarespace, unlike some of its competitors on this list, isn’t an eCommerce-exclusive website builder. But does that mean that it doesn’t deserve to be on the “best eCommerce website builder” list?

Hell no.

Squarespace is definitely one of the most popular website builders in the world - that’s a given. This popularity doesn’t stem from nothing, however - it mostly revolves around the builder’s theme templates.

Ask anyone, and they will tell you - no matter what sort of “beef” a person might have with Squarespace, there’s no denying that they are modern, optimized and simply beautiful.

While Squarespace isn’t primarily an eCommerce-oriented tool, it certainly does have all of the necessary features in place. If you decide to purchase their full package, you shouldn’t have a problem with a shortage of things to do and tools to use, especially if you’re just starting out within the field of eCommerce.

The only real downside to Squarespace lies in the topic of SEO - some of the templates offered by the company aren’t really that well-optimized for SEO use. Whether that’s a major fault or a measly one, it’s going to be a case-by-case scenario.

What is the Price of the Squarespace Website Builder?

We can’t really put Squarespace on the “best eCommerce website builder” list without taking a look at its pricing options, now can we?

Yup, you’re reading that right - it’s definitely a cheap eCommerce website builder.

Visit Squarespace
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4. Wix - Plenty of Features

Ranks #4 out of 7 Website Builders

Want to create a stunning website? Do it with Wix!

If you frequent YouTube even the slightest bit (I know I do), you probably read the above-given sentence in THAT voice. It’s crazy how often you’re bound to see a Wix ad nowadays.

The ads aren’t really exaggerating though. While marketing will always remain marketing, it is definitely possible to create a great-looking website with Wix - whether an eCommerce one, or else.

Wix offers customers over 500 theme templates, some super-useful features and widgets to play around with, and - naturally - eCommerce-supporting tools, as well. In all honesty, it probably wouldn’t be on this best eCommerce website builder list if the situation was any different.

The only downside? You won’t be able to transfer a site over to Wix. If you already own an eCommerce platform, that’s a bummer.

What is the Price of the Wix Website Builder?

Wix’s pricing options are:

If we were judging solemnly from the price tag, Wix could definitely be the best website builder for eCommerce. However, do note that it’s not an eCommerce-exclusive tool, while builders such as Shopify and BigCommerce are.

Visit Wix
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5. Weebly - Good Functionality

Ranks #5 out of 7 Website Builders

You know what Weebly is? Let me tell you what it is.

Weebly is functional. Really. Functional.

In all seriousness, though, Weebly definitely is super-functional. That’s the main strength of this website builder - while it may lack in areas such as theme design or feature amount, the fact of the matter is that the builder is very easy to use.

On top of that, Weebly can boast that websites created with their tool have a truly amazing uptime. According to multiple user reviews, it would seem that if you create a site with Weebly you can expect around 99,8% uptime. That’s really good!

What is the Price of the Weebly Website Builder?

Weebly does have quite a few different pricing plans for the customer to choose from. On top of that, the company states that there will always be a free version for anyone to use and play around in - that’s pretty awesome!

Here are the 4 pricing plans for Weebly:

Needless to say, Weebly’s one of the cheaper “best eCommerce website builder’s” on this list.

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6. Jimdo - Fun to Use

Ranks #6 out of 7 Website Builders

Jimdo is definitely one of the lesser-known website builders on our “Best eCommerce Website Builder” list. That being said, it does not mean that Jimdo doesn’t deserve to be mentioned here - it does!

What you will quickly discover with Jimdo is that the builder is very fun and easy to use. This is very welcome with any and all builders out there, but it’s especially cool when you’re dealing with eCommerce - a topic that can, at times, get rather difficult.

Furthermore, Jimdo has some great SEO features. The builder’s templates are modern, and well-optimized for SEO. Even some of the bigger website builder providers have a tough time dealing with SEO-related issues  - that a huge plus for Jimdo!

What is the Price of the Jimdo Website Builder?

Jimdo comes with these pricing options:

As you can see, there is a free option of the builder available - it’s going to be quite limited, but it’s an option. However, if you want to really be able to get into eCommerce and try Jimdo as the best website builder for eCommerce, then you should go with their “eCommerce” plan.

Visit Jimdo
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7. Volusion - Fast Website

Ranks #7 out of 7 Website Builders

Volusion is the one website builder on which people seem quite divided - some believe it to be the best eCommerce website builder, while others say it’s nowhere near that.

While the builder might not be the “best free eCommerce website builder” or the best website builder, overall, it still does bring some pretty good features to the table.

Volusion, while not being as customizable as some of the other builders mentioned on this list, has some pretty good speed parameters, and is designed to be modern and up-to-date with its UI.

What is the Price of the Volusion Website Builder?

Volusion’s prices are, as follows:

As you can probably tell, Volusion isn’t the cheapest option around, but users report that the prices do match the quality of the features.

Visit Volusion
...or read our Volusion review


So, that concludes our list of the top 7 best eCommerce website builders that are currently dominating the industry. By now, you should be able to pick the builder that suits you best!

I hope that you’ll make the right choice and end up starting a successful online company. Best of luck!

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Do all website builders have integrated decent eCommerce features?

No, there are quite a few website builders that do not have solid eCommerce features, whatsoever. If eCommerce is something that interests you, you should always refer to the top builders in this field.

Do website builders offer free trials and / or money-back guarantees?

Most website builders do offer free trials, and some have money-back guarantees. While it is common practice in the industry, not all website builder providers subscribe to it - you should always double-check with the builder that you decide to use.

Do I need to know a programming language to use a website builder?

While it’s certainly going to help, it’s definitely not necessary. Website builders are great in that anyone and everyone can quickly learn to use them and create their websites. There is no technical knowledge needed, and no prior coding skills required!

Are the best eCommerce website builders are only designed to build online shops?

Some of them are, but the majority of the best website builders for eCommerce allow you to build a simple blog or any other type of a website, too.

Will I be able to build a shop with a website builder?

If you choose a good website builder - yes. There are many builders out there that say they support eCommerce features, but as soon as you start using them, you see that there is little to no support for setting up a shop, and instead, there’s just a single widget that links to who-knows-where. That’s why you should always consult our website builder reviews before deciding on which product to purchase.

Are website builders safe to use?

If you use a trustworthy and reliable website builder, then it’s 100% safe. Whether it be online or offline (downloadable software), site builders are completely malware free, and you shouldn’t encounter any compatibility issues, either.