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25 of the Best Photography Websites

It’s no secret that, nowadays, the best way to get noticed as a photographer is to possess and manage a beautiful website filled with your own work. Photography websites are very common, though, and it has become increasingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

What’s the best way to go about creating unique and interesting photographer’s websites? That’s right - besides picking the best website builder to do the deed (such as Squarespace or Zyro), it's getting inspired by looking at some other, top-notch photography website examples!

Today, I want to help you out in finding your own, unique style. We’ll quickly cover some of the main things to keep in mind when thinking about creating a photography-oriented website, and then I’ll show you 25 amazing examples that you could take inspiration from, and craft a site of your own.

Abel Castillo

Envato Extensions Reviewer

Do you have any tips for those who are thinking to create a website with a website builder?

For those planning to build a website with a website builder, I'd encourage them to be creative: get your head around some basic design fundamentals, write good copy and be clear with the message you're trying to convey. Always optimize your images, set yourself up with decent hosting service and don't forget SEO.

What Defines the Best Photography Websites?

So - what’s the secret formula for creating the best photography websites?

It’s actually made up of a few things. Some of them are very accessible and simple to replicate, while others… Not so much.

Let’s begin with the actually-approachable aspects and talk about the key component in creating an amazing and memorable photo-based website - a top-tier, photography-oriented website builder.

Truth be told, it’s actually a more important component of the entire process than people think!

Photography websites: a photo studio.

A website builder like that is going to provide you with the ability to utilize some state-of-the-art templates and special features that would be heavily appreciated by any and all photographers, i.e. online galleries, photo carousels, smooth transitions in between pages, and so on.

Apart from finding the best possible website builder for photographers, you should also think about your site visitors. What sort of photos are you going to showcase, what will be the general emotion? Are there only going to be photos, or perhaps also a separate merchandise tab?

Questions like that will help you decide on the actual layout of your photography websites (or site). There are also some more general rules that you can follow, too.

For starters, the best photography websites should possess minimal amounts of text, and contain mostly photos. You shouldn’t have to explain your art to the beholder - instead, it should speak for itself.

Also, keep the convenience of your site’s visitors in mind, too. Try to use smooth transitions, appealing visual layouts and keep things simple - it’s not really a fun experience having to sort through various different pop-ups simply to view a photo on a site.

Photography websites: a man working in his camera.

Finally, remember when I mentioned that the creation process of the best photographer’s websites involves some more difficult things, too? Well, namely, I was talking about the uniqueness factor.

It’s a very difficult aspect simply because you can’t really “teach it” - it’s something that each person must find by themselves.

Hopefully, though, some examples of the best photography websites will inspire and help you do just that.

1. Adrieana Blazin (blazinphoto.com)

Photography websites: Adieana Blazin.

When it comes to the best photography website examples, blazinphoto.com is one of those websites that I usually mention most frequently when giving advice to my photographer friends. I must admit - I have a soft spot for black-and-white pics and site designs - that’s exactly the style Adrieana Blazin utilizes in her site, too.

Made with: Squarespace

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2. Cassandra Ladru (cassandraladru.com)

Photography websites: Cassandra Ladru.

Yet another black-and-white-stylized website, cassandraladru.com is a wedding-themed site created and run by Cassandra Ladru. The beautiful and emotional wedding pics are accompanied by some seamless transitions that make the viewing experience truly pleasant.

Made with: WordPress

3. Pedro N The World (pedrontheworld.com)

Photography websites: Pedro N the World.

One thing that you’ll notice when you visit pedrontheworld.com is the conveniant grid-based layout of the photos presented on the site. When it comes to the top photography website examples, this is surely one of the main ways of going about it. It’s easy to view, simple to navigate and houses a wide variety of different photos.

Made with: Squarespace

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4. Levon Biss (levonbiss.com)

Photography websites: Levon Biss.

Upon visiting levonbiss.com, you’ll be greeted by a single enlarged image that, upon clicking on it, will lead you to the featured section of the website. In all honesty, this sort of design provokes feelings of grandeur, which is a very welcome thing when viewing photography. In regards to photography websites, Levon Biss does possess a very sterile, well-made site.

Made with: Squarespace

5. Sanz Lena (sanzlena.com)

Photography websites: Sanz Lena.

While sanzlena.com isn’t really all that well-designed in regards to the actual functionality aspects of the platform (i.e. images “climbing up” on top of text), where it lacks in functionality, the site surely makes up in a comfortable showcasing of photos and easy navigation in between different sections.

Made with: Format

6. Danilo & Sharon (daniloandsharon.com)

Photography websites: Danilo & Sharon.

A modern wedding-oriented website, daniloandsharon.com promotes a minimalist-type of design. The sort of grid that the website is based in is truly amazing - it’s comfortable and nice to look at, since there’s a lot of space in between photos.

Made with: WordPress

7. Brandi Toole (branditoolephoto.com)

Photography websites: Brandi Toole.

As far as the best photographer’s websites go, branditoolephoto.com is among the more chaotically-organized options. That being said, the chaos is still kept to a reasonable extent, and it actually adds to the overall aesthetic of the site - surely an interesting example!

Made with: WordPress

8. Peter McKinnon (petermckinnon.com)

Photography websites: Peter McKinnon.

Surely one of the better-known photographers of our time, Mr. McKinnon boasts a simple, yet visually-appealing website. The greeting-page is very self-explanatory, and directs the visitor to the main sources that you might be looking for when visiting the site.

Made with: Squarespace

9. Mike Kelley (mpkelley.com)

Photography websites: Mike Kelley.

As far as the best photography sites go, mpkelley.com is a rare type of a site - one that’s related to architectural photography by Mike Kelley. That being said, the website is simply stunning - it’s very simple, but that’s actually where the beauty of it lies, too. The photo grid format is also very eye-pleasing, as well.

Made with: Squarespace

10. Julia & Gil (juliaandgil.com)

Photography websites: Julia & Gil.

juliaandgil.com features a darkish design, with the photos being scattered around the pages. It’s one of the better photography portfolio websites out there, being straightforward and inviting, yet also conveying a certain type of message at the same time, too.

Made with: WordPress

11. India Earl (indiaearl.com)

Photography websites: India Earl.

Yet another wedding-themed website, indiaearl.com has a very unique photo layout for the visitor to check out. The platform possesses a shop, a portfolio and some other information about the owner, too - all presented in a very unique fashion.

12. Grace Chuang (gracechuang.me)

Photography websites: Grace Chuang.

gracechuang.me features one of the more popular photography websites templates that are currently around - namely, a left side-oriented interface with the core information of the site being placed at the center. It’s a fault-free design, and it doesn’t only look good, but is also functional, too.

Made with: Squarespace

13. Tffy DeJesus (tffydejesus.com)

Photography websites: Tffy DeJesus.

One of the more interesting photography portfolio websites, tffydejesus.com comes with a horizontal grid on the homepage, greeting the visitor. While I’m not a big fan of this sort of design personally, I must admit - it sure is an interesting choice, and does showcase the author’s photos in an interesting manner.

Made with: Format

14. Emanuel Mayr (emanuelmayr.com)

Photography websites: Emanuel Mayr.

emanuelmayr.com offers a section-based website design that you wouldn’t see all that often while looking for photography website examples. That said, while it’s a slippery slope, it does look and feel amazing on the site in question.

15. Gubi (gubi.com)

Photography websites: Gubi.

An eCommerce-oriented website, gubi.com does actually possess some very good-looking and themed photo presentation features. It’s a great source of inspiration for those who are looking for photography websites in order to get some inspiration for their eCommerce platforms.

Made with: Squarespace

16. Chelsea Reece (chelseareece.co)

Photography websites: Chelsea Reece.

chelseareece.co offers a very popular type of photography portfolio website’s design - namely, that of a minimalist style, with some observable visual ‘chaos’ caught in between. It’s not popular without a reason, though - this design offers everything that an observer’s eye might want to see on a well-designed website.

Made with: WordPress

17. Brandon Woelfel (brandonwoelfel.com)

Photography websites: Brandon Woelfel.

A simplistic site with a pretty straightforward photo grid design - that’s actually pretty cool! The thing that makes the site stand out of the crowd is the general vibe that the photos protrude towards the observer, and the fact that you can scroll through them without any difficulties.

Made with: Squarespace

18. Amelia Allen (ameliaallenphotography.com)

Photography websites: Amelia Allen.

A very aesthetically-pleasing website that utilizes a mixture of a scrollable horizontal picture grid and the left-oriented interface design. Definitely one of the better photography websites!

Made with: Format

19. Sascha Kraemer (saschakraemer.com)

Photography websites: Sascha Kraemer.

A beautiful wedding photography website that houses different wedding stories and their photo collections. A site with a truly unique vibe, and an easy-to-understand interface layout!

20. Kayla Fisher (kaylafisherphotography.com)

Photography websites: Kayla Fisher.

kaylafisherphotography.com contains a lot of photos of different celebrations, most of them consisting of weddings. The site is interactive, with some smoothly-transitioning page sections - nice to look at, and keeps things interesting, too!

Made with: WordPress

21. Liller Photo (lillerphoto.com)

Photography websites: Liller Photo.

A wedding-based photography website that offers a relatively-different design than most others on this list. lillerphoto.com is simplistic and very to-the-point, yet is surely one of the best photography websites simply because of how exclusively photo-oriented the site is.

Made with: Squarespace

22. Deanie Chen (deaniechen.com)

Photography websites: Deanie Chen.

A lifestyle photography-like digital gallery, deaniechen.com is somewhat scarce and minimalistic, but the pictures that do exist on the site are beautiful and emotional. It’s surely one of the more straightforward photography websites out there, but that’s not necessarily a negative thing.

Made with: Squarespace

23. 5-Year Bike Trip (5yearbiketrip.com)

Photography websites: 5-Year Bike Trip.

Surely one of the most unique sites on this list of the best photography websites, 5yearbiketrip.com offers an in-depth look into moments captured from the actual trip. The site is very pleasing to scroll through, and offers a lot of information on top of some surely wonderful pictures.

Made with: Squarespace

24. Coran Gleed (corangleedphotography.com)

Photography websites: Coran Gleed.

corangleedphotography.com is a pretty simple platform as far as photography websites go, yet offers a pretty unique layout, at least when compared to some other pages on this list. The site is quite “to-the-point”, which can be interpreted in both ways, depending on what it is that you like.

Made with: Squarespace

25. Adam Bird (adambirdphotography.com)

Photography websites: Adam Bird.

Upon visiting adambirdphotograpy.com, you’ll immediately understand why it’s one of the best photography websites around. The photos are truly absolutely amazing, with a mysterious, mythological theme being dominant. The site is also very straightforward and nice to use!

Made with: Format


So - those are 25 of the best photography websites in the current industry! Without a doubt, you should have gathered some inspiration for your own, unique photography-based website.


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Abel Castillo

Envato Extensions Reviewer

Contributed by: Abel Castillo , Envato Extensions Reviewer

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What are the features of the best photography websites?

The best photography websites are going to be at least somewhat themed, and also contain much more imagery than text. After all, the whole point of a photography website is to show your work, and not talk about it! Also, such websites should be fun to scroll through, and also possess seamless transitions between pages and page sections - all of this can be achieved by building your site with a top-tier website builder!

How to make a photography website?

The very first thing that you need to do in order to make some awesome photography websites is to pick the right website builder for the job. Once that's settled, focus on choosing the best template for yourself and your work, and also make sure that everything's working as it should from the technical side of things. Once all of that is sorted, all that's left to do is upload your photos!

What are the benefits of using the top website makers?

The most obvious benefit of using the top website makers is simplicity. You are likely to never encounter a problem that wouldn’t have an obvious solution that you could implement in just a few minutes time (and even if you were, there’s always customer support). Further benefits include awesome website design, built-in search engine optimization (SEO) kits, easily manageable eCommerce features, and so on.

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