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Volusion VS Shopify

If you’re thinking about creating an online store on your own, there’s a high probability that you’ve already heard about both Shopify and Volusion. Both of these platforms focus on eCommerce and provide exceptional tools that will power your business. 

In this Volusion VS Shopify comparison, we’ll take a look at the major differences between these two platforms and find out their major strengths. That said, once you’re aware of the pros and cons of these website builders, you will be able to make an easy decision about which of them is right for you. 

Now, to make sure to provide you with a thorough comparison, I will not only introduce the companies behind Volusion and Shopify but also provide you with the most important criteria that will guide you through the entire process. 

That being said, let’s start with the introduction to Volusion and Shopify.

Volusion VS Shopify: Introduction

Founded back in 2004, Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for growing your business. Currently, the platform powers more than 1,7 million websites all over the world. Also, they’ve grown from only 5 people who started everything to more than 5000 employees across the globe.



Westport, Connecticut, USA New York, New York, United States

Year of Origin

2004 1999
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Table: Information about Shopify and Volusion companies.

The main goal of Shopify is to give people a chance to start, grow and run a business independently by reducing all the boundaries. To do that, Shopify provides extensive sales features and other amazing tools that will help your business to thrive. That said, it’s often considered to be the best eCommerce platform for a good reason. 

Now, let’s move to Volusion. The company was founded in 1999, which is years before Shopify. Even though it’s less popular than its competitor, Volusion seems to provide amazing analytics and data tools that are crucially important for every successful business. 

More than 180,000 entrepreneurs all over the world are using Volusion for their eCommerce businesses and seem to be very pleased with the tools and services they get. In this Volusion VS Shopify comparison, we’ll see all the reasons why it’s worth choosing this company and find out if it can be a competitor to Shopify. 

Volusion VS Shopify: Shopify templates.

Without further ado, let’s find out more about the comparison criteria.  

Volusion VS Shopify: The Comparison Criteria

When looking for eCommerce website builders you will often come across both Shopify and Volusion. That’s because they’re considered to be among the top-rated providers for creating online stores.

Evaluation of which one of the two, Volusion or Shopify is better is not always that simple, unless you take the most significant aspects into consideration. For this reason, let’s go through the evaluation criteria according to which we will determine if Volusion or Shopify is better. 

  • Uptime and speed. If you want to make sure that you choose a reliable website builder, it’s important to consider uptime and site speed results. The uptime refers to the time that your website is reachable, whereas the latter refers to site loading speed, also known as TTFB. It’s evident that if your website is unavailable to your customers, then other features simply do not matter. Also, when it comes to speed, people tend to wait no longer than a few seconds, and if you fail to deliver such results, you might lose a significant number of your potential clients.
  • Usability. As you probably know, website builders were created with the main intention of allowing non-technical users to design websites on their own. That’s why ease of use is one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account in this Volusion VS Shopify comparison. 
  • Feature variety. Features are always important, whether you want to create a blog or a professional online store. However, it’s important to understand that everyone requires different tools depending on their needs and the website they’re planning on creating. That said, when deciding between Volusion and Shopify, you shouldn’t blindly choose an option that offers better functionality, but rather pay attention to those features that you actually need
  • SEO features. Even though this is part of the features, in this Volusion VS Shopify comparison, I will take a look at SEO tools separately. They help you to optimize your website for search engines and be easily found online by your customers. 
  • eCommerce functionality. Since you came here for the Volusion VS Shopify comparison, it’s evident that you’re looking for an eCommerce website builder. That’s why we will pay significant attention to marketing and eCommerce tools offered by both of these platforms. This aspect should be especially helpful when deciding between the two providers. We’ll take a look at eCommerce functionality together with the general features offered by both of the competitors.
  • Visual attractiveness. If you want to sell products or services successfully, it’s important for your website to be visually appealing as well. To make sure that you can create an attractive website using these platforms, you need to take a look at the available templates and make sure that they’re not outdated. Of course, we’ll cover that in this Shopify VS Volusion comparison. 
  • Pricing. It’s not a secret that eCommerce website builders tend to be more expensive than regular ones. That’s why it’s also important not to overpay for the features you get

That’s it when it comes to the comparison criteria. As you’ve already guessed, now we’ll go through each of them separately and compare Volusion VS Shopify to find out which one of them has more strengths.

Volusion VS Shopify: Let’s Compare!

When comparing Volusion VS Shopify, I will focus on every aspect that matters, however, while reading you should also have in mind the things that you’re looking for in a website builder and focus on them the most. 

Shopify VS Volusion: Which One is More Reliable? 

First things first, let’s find out if both Shopify and Volusion are reliable platforms by testing their uptime and site speed. To find out the results for both of these measurements, I’ve used websites that I’ve created using these platforms. After all, there’s no better way to do that. 

Let’s begin with Shopify. If you’re not aware yet, you should know the uptime of 99,9% is considered to be an industry standard. If it’s less than that, you should probably be a bit concerned. Now, Shopify has an estimated uptime of 99,98%, which is significantly higher than the industry average and is definitely one of the best results I’ve seen. 


TTFB Speed

very slow
very fast
very slow
very fast

Website Building Speed

very slow
very fast
very slow
very fast
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Table: Volusion and Shopify speed comparison.

When it comes to Volusion, it guarantees 99,99% uptime. However, after completing some tests, I found out that Volusion has an uptime of 99,97%. The worst part is that you do not get what’s promised, however, that’s still an amazing result and probably even better than you could have expected. 

Now, to find out what 99,97% uptime actually means, it’s always recommended to check out our uptime calculator. It reveals that when using Volusion, your website should be down for no longer than:

  • 25s daily
  • 3m 1s weekly
  • 13m 8s monthly 
  • 2h 37m 47s yearly

The results are even better when it comes to Shopify. However, this test showed that no matter which of the two platforms you choose, you shouldn’t lose any potential customers just because your website is unavailable. 

Now, what about speed? Which one is faster? 

Well, when it comes to speed, I didn’t have issues with any of them. The website created with Shopify took 1,47 seconds, while the site built using Volusion 1,55 seconds to load. Once again, Shopify performed slightly better, although the difference is almost non-existent

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Which One is More User Friendly?

If you haven’t used an eCommerce platform before, you should understand that they tend to be a bit more difficult to grasp than regular website builders. 

I can immediately say that Shopify is easier to use than Volusion. You’re probably wondering, why is that? That basically has to do with a clean interface and well-thought-out platform that allows you to easily find all the necessary tools in one place. Truth be told, even when using the platform for the very first time, you won’t be lost. 

Volusion VS Shopify: Shopify interface.

When it comes to Volusion, you should be able to get used to it quite quickly as well. You can easily edit templates, choose different colors, upload images, customize headers, and so on. However, this wasn’t always like that as the company has changed its dashboard quite recently, making it way more comfortable for customers to use. 

When it comes to the Volusion VS Shopify usability, it’s also important to mention that both of these platforms provide you with helpful customer support that can help you when needed. Shopify also has a huge community that can help you to answer various questions and solve certain issues without the need to contact the company customer service. 

Overall, you don’t need to have any technical skills when using both of these platforms, however, Shopify is definitely a winner when it comes to ease of use. That’s not only based on mine but also on thousands of customers’ reviews.

Volusion VS Shopify Feature Comparison

It’s safe to say that we got to the most interesting part of this Volusion VS Shopify comparison - features. It’s evident that if you want to create an extensive website, you also need enhanced tools.  That said, let’s find out which of the two competitors provide you with more opportunities.

When it comes to Shopify, many people claim that it’s one of the most feature-rich platforms in the market. When talking about eCommerce website builders, those features are usually related to marketing and creating an online store.  

Now, since Shopify, just like Volusion, has a few different plans to choose from, the features strongly depend on the plan you pick. However, even with the most basic Shopify plan that costs $29 per month, you get: 

  • The ability to upload an unlimited number of products
  • Have 2 staff accounts with access to Shopify POS and the Shopify admin
  • Customer service that’s available 24/7
  • Sell on multiple channels, including various marketplaces and social media
  • Discount codes to boost your sales
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Abandoned cart recovery to remind customers of the products that they added to their carts
  • Manual order creation
  • Gift cards
  • Up to 77% shipping discount
  • Fraud analysis

These features are available if you choose the most basic plan offered by Shopify. That said, you get even more with other plans, including a higher number of staff accounts, advanced report builder, ability to show calculated shipping rates at checkout, even higher shipping discounts, and so much more. 


Free Hosting

SSL Certificates

Free Custom Domains

Website Export

Website Restoration

Email Integration

App market

Membership Creator

SEO Tools

Good Good


Average Poor


Excellent Good
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Table: comparison of Volusion and Shopify features.

Moreover, Shopify allows you to sell products and services in 133 currencies as well as sell in up to 5 languages. That definitely provides you with more opportunities. All things considered, it’s obvious why so many people put Shopify in the very first place when it comes to eCommerce functionality.

Now let’s take a look at Volusion and its features. Volusion includes 4 different plans and each of them offers distinctive features, just like Shopify. It’s safe to say that Volusion also provides very attractive tools that will make your life easier.

Now, to compare Volusion versus Shopify, let’s take a look at the basic plan and see what kind of tools and features you can use:

  • No transaction fees
  • 1 staff account
  • 100 products
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Secure checkout
  • Mobile-optimized and completely free themes
  • Great site optimization
  • Drag-and-drop tools
  • Secure payments
  • Easily manageable inventory
  • Great SEO tools (we’ll take a look at them closer)
  • Social media integrations

Once again, you get these features when choosing the most inexpensive Volusion plan. If you decide to go for the Business plan, you will also get such features as ratings and reviews, newsletters, abandoned cart reports, advanced report builder, Amazon and eBay integrations, and even more. Now, I believe that you won’t mind me saying this, but Volusion is definitely one of the better options when it comes to creating online stores. 

Even though both Volusion and Shopify come with some really great tools, there are some significant differences even when comparing the most basic plan. Some of the most significant ones are that Shopify allows you to upload unlimited amounts of products, provides you with 2 staff accounts, and abandoned cart recovery that’s often considered among the top-rated features when it comes to eCommerce. 

Now, since both Volusion and Shopify have a similar pricing point, it’s fair to say that Shopify is definitely a winner.  

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SEO Features - Volusion or Shopify?

If you’re looking for the best eCommerce website builder, then SEO features are one of the most important aspects that you have to pay close attention to. That said, let’s compare Volusion versus Shopify to find out which of the providers performs better when it comes to search engine optimization.

SEO is a process that allows you to improve both the quality and quantity of your website traffic. If your website is well optimized and you manage to rank on the first Google page, you can achieve great things. Studies show that only 0,78% of people click on the results from the second page. That said, if your website is not delivering great results when it comes to SEO, you might be disappointed with your sales as well. 

Now, to achieve good results, you need to make sure to choose a website builder that manages to offer all the necessary SEO tools. Truth be told, many of them fail to deliver that. Now you’re probably wondering what’s the situation when it comes to Shopify VS Volusion? Which one of them is better when it comes to SEO? 


Overall Score


Most Suitable For

Most suitable for ecommerce Most suitable for ecommerce of physical products

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Ease of Use

4.2 of 5.0

3.6 of 5.0


Amazing tools and functionality for your online store. Extensive Features, Fast
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Table: the comparison of Volusion and Shopify main features.

Both Volusion and Shopify provide you with all the necessary SEO settings that you could expect from reliable SEO platforms. Shopify has such built-in SEO tools as auto-generated canonical tags to make sure that no duplicated content appears in the search results. What is more, it includes auto-generated website’s sitemap.xml and robots.txt files and title tags

To optimize your content on Shopify, you also need to edit meta descriptions, title tags, URLs for blog posts, products, web pages and collections. Also, it’s important not to forget to add alt text for images. 

Shopify also offers a variety of SEO apps that will help you to get your rankings up and bring more traffic to your website. One of the most recommended ones includes AVADA SEO Suite that optimizes your website images and structure as well as adds Google structure data and allows you to control your meta tags as well as product descriptions without much trouble. 

You can also check out Nada that allows you to easily push down the products that are already sold out, and the SEO Booster app which provides you with a variety of helpful tools such as automatic updates for alt texts and suggested keyword updates. There are multiple other apps you can check out to improve your experience, these were just a few examples of how such apps can be helpful.

That’s about it when it comes to Shopify SEO features. Now it’s time to take a look at Volusion. 

Just like Shopify, Volusion offers basic SEO tools such as the ability to edit meta titles and descriptions, add alt images, header tags, 301 redirects, and so on. What is more, Volusion provides some helpful tips that will help you to get the most out of your online store. That includes technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. 

You will need to set up a Google Analytics account, Google search console account, make sure that your site is mobile-friendly, perform keyword research, optimize URLs, meta tags, make sure that there’s no duplicate content, and so much more. You will be able to find all of these tips on the Volusion website. 

When it comes to customer Volusion VS Shopify reviews that focus on SEO, there are many different opinions. Some say that Shopify is better than Volusion, others have a different opinion. However, what’s important to understand is that SEO is a complicated subject and there are many different ranking factors that must be taken into account.

However, if I were to answer which of these website builders is better for SEO features and tools, I would say that it’s Shopify as it provides more powerful tools. 

Template Attractiveness

Whether you’re creating a blog or online store, making sure that your website is visually appealing is one of the most important things that you need to do. Since it’s not always easy to create an attractive website on your own, you need to make sure that you choose a website builder that provides sleek-looking templates that are suitable for different types of businesses

Let’s compare Volusion versus Shopify and find out which one offers more attractive templates as well as more options to choose from. 

When it comes to the number of available templates, Shopify is the winner. Currently, Shopify offers more than 75 options to choose from, while Volusion provides you with about 45 different designs. So, the number is significantly higher, however, what about the visual side of things? 



70+ 45

Mobile Editor

Design Assistant

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Table: comparison of Volusion and Shopify templates.

Even though both website builders provide truly attractive options, I found Shopify’s templates more attractive and sleek-looking than Volusion’s. Shopify offers templates for different industries such as home and garden, clothing and fashion, art and photography, and many others. The situation is quite similar when it comes to Volusion as you will find templates suitable for different businesses.   

Also, it’s important to talk about prices. Most of the attractive themes offered by both Shopify and Volusion are paid. Now Shopify offers 10 free options, while Volusion provides you with 11 free templates. Of course, it’s not that you cannot find suitable themes when it comes to free ones, they’re simply not as good looking. 

When it comes to paid options, Shopify offers more than 50 templates to choose from. Their price varies from about $140 to $180, so it’s definitely a significant amount. The situation with paid Volusion templates is quite similar. You get 34 templates that each cost $180.

Volusion VS Shopify: Shopify themes.

Based on Shopify VS Volusion reviews, more users claim that Shopify offers better-looking templates. The only problem is that many of the attractive ones are paid, however, the situation is similar when it comes to Volusion. 

All things considered, Shopify is definitely a winner when it comes to templates. It provides not only more attractive options to choose from but they’re also a bit more affordable. 

Pricing Comparison

It’s time for the pricing comparison. Even though it’s always recommended to choose a website builder based on its features, it’s evident that the pricing could help you to decide which of the two platforms to choose, especially when it comes to such great options as Shopify and Volusion. 

Let’s begin with Shopify. It’s very straightforward when it comes to the provided plans. You get 3 different options to choose from: 

It’s natural that eCommerce website builders are more expensive than regular ones. That said, while Shopify seems to be a bit pricey, it’s completely worth it. In case you’re not completely sure, you can try Shopify completely free for 14 days. There are no commitments, you don’t even need to provide your credit card details. 

While I was hoping that Volusion prices are very different from Shopify and will help you to make a decision, they’re actually completely the same. You can take a look for yourself:

As you can see, Volusion and Shopify prices are completely the same. The only thing that’s different is that Volusion has a Prime plan that’s suitable for those whose GMV is more than $500k per year. Also, if you pay annually, you can save 10% of each payment. Just like Shopify, Volusion has a free plan, so you can easily test it out to see how the platform works. 


Entry Price (monthly)

$29.00 $15.00

Most Popular Plan (monthly)

$29.00 $29

Free Plan

Free Trial

Number Of Plans

5 4

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Table: comparison of Volusion and Shopify prices.

Now, this Volusion VSShopify comparison is already moving towards the end, however, we still have conclusions, so let’s get right to it. 


Therefore, both Volusion and Shopify are powerful platforms for creating an online store. While Shopify is one of the industry giants and offers some truly attractive features, Volusion is often recommended for its data tools and analytics.

However, all in all, Shopify is rated as a better eCommerce website builder. That has to do with many different factors. Shopify shows slightly better results when it comes to uptime and site speed. What is more, this platform provides better features, including eCommerce and SEO tools, and also offers more attractive templates to choose from. 

When it comes to prices, both Volusion and Shopify offer the same pricing point, which is quite an average one compared to other eCommerce websites. 

That said, while it’s recommended to choose Shopify, you should consider your personal needs and find an option that suits them best. 

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How to choose between Volusion VS Shopify?

To decide which of the two, Volusion or Shopify, is better for your needs, there are multiple aspects that you need to take into account. That includes features, reliability (uptime and site speed), ease of use, the attractiveness of the templates, and pricing. 

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