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These days, you would probably struggle quite a bit to find someone who hasn’t heard of Minecraft. While this sandbox-like multi-platform game has been around for a while, and has had multiple popularity swings over the years, it possesses a truly strong fanbase! A fanbase that might be interested in the best Minecraft server hosting, too.

You see, there are multiple ways of how you can play Minecraft - solo (offline), with friends on an official server, or on a dedicated server that you’ve created. There are pros and cons to each of these methods, but we’ll get into that in a minute - suffice to say that, if you’d like to receive the best experience while playing with friends, best Minecraft hosting is the way to go.

Today, our list of the best (modded) Minecraft server hosting providers will look like so:

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Best Minecraft Server Hosting: The Whats, the Whys, and the Hows

Right, so… What is the “best Minecraft server hosting”, in the first place, and why should you care?

Well, as pointed out in the introduction of this article, there are a few different ways of how you can choose to play Minecraft. As far as an online-based experience is concerned, though, hosting a server of your own is often the preferred way to go about it!

Well, sort of. If you were to try and host a server on your machine, this would open up a lot of potential security issues, since you would be exposing your IP address. That should never be something that you do, willingly.

Instead, in order to play with their friends and be calm about it, people turn towards the best Minecraft server hosting, or cheapest Minecraft server hosting, depending on their preferences.

In a situation like this, you have two big options - either using a VPS, or dedicated hosting. For the sake of consistency, it’s worth mentioning that we’ll be focusing on VPS hosting - it’s the more-popular option, and seems to be the preferred way to go about it.

Best Minecraft server hosting: a Minecraft-themed Xbox controller.

VPS stands for “virtual private server”. As the name suggests, this allows you to host a private server for a specific reason that you might have - the best server hosting Minecraft might be one of such reasons.

Another point worth mentioning is that not many of the top-rated hosting providers in the industry stress that they do support Minecraft hosting, or that it’s even available with them, in the first place. However, we shall still be focusing on them, rather than turning towards some of the more-niche options.

Why? Pretty simple, really - while the niche hosting providers might be simpler to set up and configure, if you truly want the best Minecraft server hosting, it’s always a good idea to look at companies that are well-established within the industry, and will offer you a wide variety of beneficial features, in addition to server security and proper uptime.

Having all of that explained and out of the way, let’s move on to our list of the best Minecraft server hosting options for the current year!

1. Hostinger - Minecraft-Dedicated Hosting Option

Ranks #1 out of 7 Hosting Providers

Verified Staff Pick

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Hostinger is, admittedly, one of the rarer hosting providers that do actually advertise and offer specific, Minecraft-dedicated hosting plans and options. Not only that, but it’s considered by many to truly be the best Minecraft server hosting option available!

So, what makes Hostinger such an appealing pick? Is it the fact that the company deals in the best cheap Minecraft server hosting? Or perhaps there are some advanced-level features available for the customer?

Well… It’s a little bit of both, and then some.

You see, Hostinger is known for providing its customers with some fast and reliable website hosting. Websites hosted with the company in question load up completely in under 1,2 seconds - that’s great! Surely if you’re looking at it through the lens of the best Minecraft server hosting, you would care about ping - the sentiment, however, is the same.

Best Minecraft server hosting: Hostinger.

Uptime issues are also something that you shouldn’t need to worry about in regards to Hostinger being the best server hosting Minecraft. While the uptime is reported to fluctuate, and there are some inconsistencies depending on when it is that you look, the uptime shouldn’t fall below the 99,9% mark.

Turning towards the actual Minecraft-specific side of things, Hostinger offers a lot to the potential user. There are multiple plans that you can pick from (none of which provide “best free Minecraft server hosting”, contrary to popular belief), all of which come with some unique and much-appreciated features.

The main things to note are that the different plans will get you some better stats in regards to RAM and vCPU. Every plan includes automated backups (offsite), uptime guarantees, MySQL access, Root control, DDoS protection, and so on. That’s truly awesome!

Lastly, Hostigner can be considered to provide the best modded Minecraft server hosting, too - the company fully supports modded versions of Minecraft, and thus, you should have no problems hosting the game on its servers.

What is the Price of Hostinger Minecraft Hosting?

Truth be told, there are quite a few different best Minecraft server hosting plans available with Hostinger! They are, as follows:

So… Is Hostinger the cheapest Minecraft server hosting provider? Well, it’s surely very close to it - while VPS hosting is no cheap service, Hostigner does seem to provide its customers with some great deals! As mentioned earlier all of the plans come with advanced RAM and vCPU hardware capabilities, so you can truly pick the best Minecraft server hosting for yourself!

Visit Hostinger
...or read our Hostinger review

2. Bluehost - A Reliable and Reputable Hosting Provider

Ranks #2 out of 7 Hosting Providers

Verified Staff Pick

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While looking for the best Minecraft server hosting, admittedly, Bluehost might not be the first name that pops up in your search, or in many players’ lists. This is because the company doesn’t really advertise its VPS hosting plans as one that would be suitable for Minecraft. That said, they are - same as with multiple other hosting companies, too.

Now, what makes Bluehost stand out from the crowd of the best Minecraft hosting services? A lot of things, really - the most notable one of which is that the company is an industry titan, having earned a reputation of providing customers with some very decent hosting statistics.

For example, Bluehost has some amazing uptime stats. By using the hosting services of the company in question, you can expect the uptime of your server to fluctuate at around the 99,94% mark. This is quite above the industry average, and will provide you with peace of mind that your server won’t go down unexpectedly, and for prolonged periods of time.

Best Minecraft server hosting: BlueHost.

Bluehost itself is stationed within the US, namely - Utah. This is important to anyone who’s looking for the best Minecraft server hosting simply due to the fact that all of the servers of the company are located within the States, too. If you reside in the US, and want to host your server there, chances are that your ping will always be superb, too!

Obviously, the whole “server hosted in the US” thing does have its drawbacks, and they are evident to anyone who’s from the EU, Asia, or any other place around the globe except the US. In a situation like this, the server speed statistics of Bluehost might be a bit unpredictable.

That aside, another thing that many people will surely appreciate is the fact that Bluehost is very simple to use. Setting up the best Minecraft server hosting can be a hassle, and there are a lot of instructions to follow, too - choosing a beginner-friendly hosting provider will help simplify that process to the utmost extent!

What is the Price of the Bluehost VPS Hosting?

If you’re interested in the Bluehost VPS hosting services, and think them to be the best server hosting Minecraft, the pricing options that you can expect are:

Bluehost definitely doesn’t provide the best cheap Minecraft server hosting, that’s for sure! However, the plans do come with some high-level features - 2-4 cores, 30-120GB of SSD storage, 2-8GB of RAM, 1-3TB of bandwidth, and 1-2 IP addresses. If you’re serious about hosting a remote Minecraft server with a VPS hosting service, Bluehost should definitely be somewhere at the top of your list!

Visit Bluehost
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3. GoDaddy - Uptime and Performance Monitoring, Automated Backups

Ranks #3 out of 7 Hosting Providers

GoDaddy is an “old-school” hosting provider. This is why, same as with multiple other hosting services on this “best Minecraft server hosting” list, you won’t really find the company advertising its VPS hosting for the purpose of hosting a Minecraft server with it.

Rest assured, though - that’s perfectly possible.

No matter what the reason for you picking GoDaddy might be, the company does provide multiple benefits to its customers. For starters, you have the standard stuff - great uptime and competitive site (server) speed statistics.

Truth be told, no matter if you’re looking for the best free Minecraft server hosting (please don’t - many free services are simply scams in disguise), or even a paid service, uptime and speed are always going to be very important. With GoDaddy, you can expect the aforementioned aspects to be 99,93% and 1,3 seconds, respectively.

Best Minecraft server hosting: GoDaddy.

Now, OBVIOUSLY, the numbers are going to vary quite a bit, depending on a variety of external and internal factors. However, they shouldn’t be very different - you should still be able to expect this level of server reliability and speed!

Following all of that, GoDaddy does come with some additional, high-end features, too. For example, there’s a 99,9% uptime guarantee, with unlimited traffic to accompany it.

Furthermore, there are automated backups and performance monitoring, too. This means that you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your progress with your Minecraft world - even if something were to happen to the server, the backups should get you back to business in no time!

Which reminds me - if you DO come across some issues, don’t feel hesitant to reach out to GoDaddy’s customer support. Customers of the company report the support team to be very knowledgeable and helpful - no matter what sort of issue it may be that you face, the support agents should be able to take care of you.

Surely some important signs of the best Minecraft server hosting!

What is the Price of GoDaddy VPS Hosting?

So, then - you’ve read through multiple user GoDaddy reviews, checked out our list of the best Minecraft server hosting services, and have come to the conclusion that GoDaddy might actually be the best option for you. Great!

However, there’s just one thing left to figure out - the pricing options for the company’s VPS plans. They are going to look a little something like this:

Do keep in mind that the prices are subject to change at the discretion of the hosting provider. Always double-check the company's official website! Also, these price tags are for the standard RAM plans - you can also get the enhanced RAM ones, for some extra costs.

GoDaddy can surely be named as one of the cheapest Minecraft server hosting options on the market - as far as VPS hosting is concerned, the company’s plans are truly affordable! The main differences between the plans are the number of CPU cores, RAM, and the amount of SSD storage available with each one of them.

Visit GoDaddy Web Hosting
...or read our GoDaddy Web Hosting review

4. IONOS - Secure VPS Hosting

Ranks #4 out of 7 Hosting Providers

Depending on the actual user reviews that you might read, it’s worth mentioning that IONOS and 1&1 is the same company. 1&1 rebranded some time ago, but all of the services remain the same.

Now, moving on to the actual “best Minecraft server hosting” part.

Same as all of the other hosting providers on this list, IONOS offers its users VPS hosting services, in addition to other, different types of website hosting. Interestingly enough, if you don’t require a lot of memory, IONOS might just be the best cheap Minecraft server hosting on the market! More on that later, though.

While the brand itself might not be the most popular hosting provider within the industry, it still does come with a lot of different features and benefits, on the user’s side of things. One good example would be the uptime - customers report that, with IONOS, you can expect this stat to sway somewhere between 99,96% and 99,98%.

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but these are actually among the best possible uptime statistics on the market! It’s a point that should be examined rather closely by anyone who’s looking for the best server hosting Minecraft, for professional purposes.

Best Minecraft server hosting: IONOS.

What are these “professional purposes”? Well, say, you livestream your gameplay. Or perhaps you’ve had the idea to create an online-based Minecraft competition (race, battle royale, etc.)?

In either of those scenarios, server stability and uptime are absolutely crucial. With 1&1, it’s not something that you’d need to worry about, though!

When it comes to VPS hosting-specific features, it would seem that IONOS takes security very seriously - something that will be beneficial whilst looking for the best Minecraft server hosting, as well. There are security-enhancing features available with all plans - VMware virtualization, server location changes, and so on.

You will also be able to receive unlimited traffic to your server, which is surely appreciated! This is, naturally, especially true when running an actual Minecraft server for a wider group of people.

On the less-positive side of things, it’s worth mentioning that you won’t be able to access IONOS from all parts of the world. The web hosting service provider is only open to some specific countries, so if you’re located “in the wrong place” geographically, you won’t be able to host a virtual private server with 1&1.

That’s… Quite disappointing. However, if you reside in a country where this doesn’t apply to you, then IONOS might perfectly well be one of the best Minecraft server hosting providers.

What is the Price of IONOS VPS Hosting?

The IONOS VPS hosting pricing options are going to look like so:

As mentioned earlier, there are memory-optimized plans available, too (they come with more memory space, which is, admittedly, better for a Minecraft server) - they are going to be pricier, though.

If you decide to stick with these basic plans, however, it’s obvious that IONOS is surely one of the cheapest Minecraft server hosting options around!

...or read our IONOS review

5. A2 Hosting - Speed is the Name of the Game

Ranks #5 out of 7 Hosting Providers

Admittedly, judging by that somewhat-snarky title, you probably already have an idea of what A2 is about.

Being one of the less-known hosting providers on this list, A2 is a “hidden gem” in the eyes of many of its customers. This is due to a few different reasons, with uptime and speed statistics being at the top.

Both of those things are crucial for anyone who’s looking for the best Minecraft server hosting providers - that’s obvious. Well, A2 provides users with uptime of around 99,96%, and speed stats of around 800ms. Those are some truly amazing numbers!

If either of those two features is important to you when looking for the best Minecraft hosting solution (and they should be, obviously!), then A2 might surely be worth considering!

Obviously, though, these aren’t the only positive aspects of the hosting provider in question. In addition to some amazing site (server) speed and uptime statistics, you can also expect things such as helpful and knowledgeable customer support, and some VPS-specific benefits, too.

Best Minecraft server hosting: A2.

Speaking of which, if you decide that A2 is the best Minecraft server hosting provider, you will have two big choices, VPS-wise - either unmanaged, or managed VPS hosting. The two options come with different benefits and features for the customer to explore, with the managed hosting being the pricier, yet more feature-heavy option.

For the sake of this list, however, we’ll focus on the unmanaged VPS hosting plans. While they do, admittedly, come with fewer features, if you like the services offered by A2, you’ll be able to upgrade your plan later along the road.

Now, each plan of the unmanaged VPS hosting comes with different amounts of RAM, SSD storage, and data transfer. All plans, however, allow you to have complete root access, and all come with money-back guarantees, too!

This is great, since it means that in the case of you not liking A2’s VPS hosting service, you will be able to receive a full refund.

What is the Price of A2 VPS Hosting?

We’ve discussed both the main features and benefits of A2 hosting, talked about why it might be the best Minecraft server hosting provider, and also mentioned what all of the different VPS hosting plans entail, too. To finish it off, let’s look at the actual prices of these plans:

Is this the best cheap Minecraft server hosting? Well, it truly does depend on what it is that you need and the period of time during which you plan to use VPS hosting, in the first place!

Visit A2 Hosting
...or read our A2 Hosting review

6. HostGator - Scalable and Reliable VPS Hosting

Ranks #6 out of 7 Hosting Providers

HostGator is one of the hosting industry veterans. The hosting provider in question is actually a somewhat interesting pick for this list of the best Minecraft server hosting services - it has some guidance about Minecraft hosting on its official website, but doesn’t really go into detail on why you should use VPS hosting for this purpose.

Well, worry not - that’s what this mini-review is here for.

HostGator does, naturally, have all of the core features covered, as you would expect it to - the uptime and speed numbers for this service provider are 99,95% and 750-850ms, respectively. Evidently, these put HostGator at the top of the “best hosting” lists, in general - it’s quite rare to find another hosting brand that would offer such reliable and high-end statistics!

Customers of the company are also very happy about the support services the HostGator has. People claim the support team to be very knowledgeable both in regards to HostGator, and also web hosting services, in general. What this means is that, if you come across some issue with your Minecraft virtual private server hosting, you will surely be able to get it resolved in no time.

Best Minecraft server hosting: HostGator.

Following that, HostGator is also reported to be very simple to use, too. Admittedly, anyone looking for the best Minecraft server hosting should keep in mind that this mostly concerns the company’s shared plans, and the cPanel - in order to set up and configure your Minecraft VPS, you will have to spend some time researching the proper ways to do it, and it might be a tad bit confusing if you’re just starting out.

That aside, as far as the actual dashboard of HostGator goes, the point remains true - it’s simple to use, intuitive, and beginner-friendly, too.

Moving on to VPS-specific features, HostGator has both software and hardware guarantees - the company claims to use only the most advanced pieces of technology, thus optimizing their hosting services to the fullest extent. There’s also advanced functionality available for anyone who might be interested, and weekly server backups, too.

What is the Price of Hostgator VPS Hosting?

If you’ve decided that HostGator is the right pick for you, all that’s left to do is to figure out the pricing options for the company’s virtual private server hosting plans. As of writing this list of the best Minecraft server hosting services, they are, as follows:

Each of the different pricing plans will provide you with the usual upgrades of RAM, CPU, and disk space. However, one thing that’s going to be available with all of the above-mentioned plans is unmetered bandwidth. Great!

While HostGator might not be the most affordable option for the spot of the best modded Minecraft server hosting provider, the price tags are still very in-line with the quality of the service offered!

Visit HostGator Hosting
...or read our HostGator Hosting review

7. GreenGeeks - Reliable and Eco-Friendly Hosting

Ranks #7 out of 7 Hosting Providers

So… You love Minecraft, right? That’s cool and all, but you know what’s even cooler?

Loving Minecraft AND using an environmentally-friendly virtual private server hosting service for all of your game-hosting wants and needs.

Jokes aside, yes - GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly hosting provider. That’s a very rare sight to see!

What makes the company in question “eco-friendly”? Well, according to GreenGeeks themselves, if you choose their hosting services, they will waste 3 times less energy than your standard hosting provider. Granted that this is the case, that’s rather significant!

Best Minecraft server hosting: GreenGeeks.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that one of the reasons for this limited energy waste might have to do with the fact that GreeGeeks only have 3 data centers. In general, this wouldn’t be an issue - however, if you were to need a lot of bandwidth and would run some data-intensive processes on your server, this could result in some performance issues.

Here, “performance issues” isn’t a synonym for “downtime”, mind you! On the flip side - customers of the company report that, as far as uptime is concerned, you can expect the number to range at around the 99,95% mark. That’s very good!

In regards to GreenGeeks being one of the best Minecraft server hosting providers, there are a lot of features available with the company’s plans - top-notch security, high-end hardware, a dedicated IP address, fully-managed hosting, and so on.

What is the Price of GreenGeeks VPS Hosting?

Does GreenGeeks look like the right hosting provider for all of your Minecraft wants and needs? If so, the last thing that you’ll need to know before making a decision whether or not to use the company’s services are the pricing options of the VPS plans:

Obviously, GreenGeeks is far from being a very affordable hosting option - that’s rather self-evident. If you’re looking for the cheapest Minecraft server hosting, it’s not going to be the right pick for you. However, it’s worth stating that as far as the service quality and price ratio is concerned, GreenGeeks is surely a decent pick!

Visit GreenGeeks
...or read our GreenGeeks review

Here is The Best Squarespace Offer I Found:


Thank you for sticking with me till the very end - that was our list of the best Minecraft server hosting providers for the current year!

Notably, the list included a lot of VPS hosting - that’s because, as mentioned in the beginning, Minecraft hosting happens on either virtual private servers, or on dedicated ones.

A word of caution before we part, though - do try and avoid any of the “best free Minecraft server hosting services” that you’ll see floating around. As you’ve probably gathered from the list above, hosting isn’t necessarily cheap - if there’s a free service, more than likely, it’s some sort of a scam. It’s always better to stick with the industry leaders!


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Table: Main features of the Squarespace, Zyro, and Webflow website builders

Speaking of which, if you’d like to check out some of the best hosting services, in general, you can find them here. Following that, if you’d ever want to create a separate website for your Minecraft-related content, you can do so with one of the best website builders on the market, too!

All in all, thanks for reading, and until next time! Cheers!

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What is Minecraft server hosting?

Minecraft server hosting refers to you finding a reliable hosting service, and then picking out either a VPS or a dedicated hosting plan for your Minecraft server. Admittedly, it is possible to host a server like that on your own, without a hosting service, but this exposes your IP address, and is very resource-intensive, too, and thus, isn't advised.

How to find the best Minecraft server hosting services?

Frankly, in order to find the best Minecraft server hosting service provider, you are going to have to search for hosting companies that have either dedicated server plans, or virtual private network ones. The latter is the more-popular alternative, since it's easier to set up, and may even prove to be less expensive, too.

What are the main features of the best web hosting services providers?

The two core features that every single web hosting service provider should possess are top-tier uptime statistics, and high site speeds. There is a certain industry benchmark for both of these features, and all of the high-end hosting services should at least reach it. Additional features include automated backups, SSL certificates, unlimited storage, 24/7/365 customer support, and WordPress compatibility.

Can I transfer an already-existing website from one hosting service to another?

Yes, you can! The majority of the high-end website hosting providers will allow you to transfer your website completely free of charge. In most cases, you can also expect the customer support teams of these companies to help you with the transferring process, so that your website would remain intact all throughout it. This service, however, does often end up costing some money - the initial migration process, though, is often free.

Do web hosting services come with integrated website builders?

Some of them do, yes. This is something that solemnly depends on the website hosting service of your choice - the better-known hosting providers do often come with integrated site builders, with some more-prominent examples being Hostinger and HostGator. While the website builder integration is situation-dependent, you can expect the absolute majority of hosting services to support WordPress.

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