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How we create top website builder reviews?

We purchase Website Builders

1. We Purchase

The top website builders are chosen based on our readers demand & feedback. We do not cut corners - all website builders reviews & guides you’ll find on this website are based on our team’s research.

We inspect Website Builders

2. We Inspect

All the most important features of the top website builders, like user experience, integrations, themes & speed, are analyzed manually. The team spends hours documenting user feedback.

We evaluate Website Builders

3. We Evaluate

All of the data gathered for research is then filtered using data observation models, usability tests & user experience evaluators. Once all of the tests are finished, a score is determined.

We review Website Builders

4. We Review

After all the data is collected, the top website builders reviews are published. Our team of professional researchers and writers craft unbiased, factual & experience-proven articles.

100% Genuine Top Website Builders Reviews by Experts
100% Genuine Top Website Builders Reviews by Experts

Helping you find the best website builders

We know just how difficult & expensive it can be to deal with web developers. Luckily, you can shortcut your struggles - with website builders you can quickly set up a decent website in almost 5 minutes & become visible online immediately. However, there are many website makers out there that are marketed to grab your last penny: they can be complicated, expensive & unstable. That is why we have dedicated our time and effort to reveal the top website builders that are the best at creating your website with no hassle.

Sadly, most review sites don’t really bother with manual testing or even worse - their reviews are biased. That kind of approach goes directly against our mission - bringing you only the most trustworthy best website builder reviews.

TOP 10 Website Builders of 2019

Our team have compiled a data-based list of the top 10 website builders of 2019. We’ve analyzed & handpicked online website creators that are best at building great sites at low costs. Choose your top website builder & make yourself instantly visible online!

2. Hibu Review

  • "Do it For Me" Website Builder
  • Great UX
  • Professional Work
Our score 9.6
749 User reviews

Pros: Hibu will create a website for you in 7-10 days, they provide maintenance afterward, offer great user and customer experience.

Cons: Hibu is not the cheapest option, and it lacks customization.

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3. GoDaddy Review

  • Free trial
  • eCommerce features included
  • Integrated website hosting
Our score 9.4
816 User reviews

Pros: GoDaddy is very easy to use, and provides most of the necessary features associated with the top website builders.

Cons: There are some essential features that are still missing, which limits the amount of things you can do with the builder itself.

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4. Weebly Review

  • Modern and Minimalistic
  • Variety of Apps
  • Easy to Use for Non-Technical People
  • Great for Small Businesses
Our score 9.1
1097 User reviews

Pros: Weebly is an easy to use, modern and stylistic website builder, which is extremely simple to use. It offers a variety of both free and paid templates and designs together with additional apps for everyone's needs.

Cons: Weebly offers medium speed, and it may not be customizable enough for some users.

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5. Squarespace Review

  • Leading website builder in template design
  • Great eCommerce features
  • Fair pricing potions
Our score 8.6
1328 User reviews

Pros: Squarespace offers its users some of the most modern and beautiful templates in the industry. The website builder is modern, easy to use and full of useful features.

Cons: Squarespace lacks SEO features, and some users might experience slower website loading speeds.

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6. BigCommerce Review

  • 15-day free trial
  • +100 theme templates
  • Great for small business and huge corporations alike
Our score 8.5
847 User reviews

Pros: BigCommerce is one of the most scalable, well-designed eCommerce website builders in the market. It has plenty of great features, good TTFB and site speed, and is overall well-built.

Cons: The platform might be a bit tricky to figure out if you're just starting in the field of eCommerce and / or website building.

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7. WordPress Review

  • Two versions to choose from
  • Amazing pricing options
  • If you learn WordPress - the world of website creation is at your feet
Our score 8.4
1294 User reviews

Pros: WordPress is an extremely versatile content management system. With all of the different features available to the user, you could build absolutely any website you can imagine.

Cons: Since it's not technically a website builder, WordPress might have a bit of a steep learning curve if you've dealt with website creation before.

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8. Shopify Review

  • Easy to Use
  • Amazing eCommerce Tools
  • Variety of Designs and Templates
Our score 8.3
1305 User reviews

Pros: Shopify is one of the best platforms for eCommerce website. It has a variety of designs, tools, and amazing features. You can expect your website to load fast and have real value.

Cons: Shopify might seem a bit pricey for some users.

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9. Review

  • Small first month fee
  • Fast site creation
  • Good site speed
Our score 8.3
681 User reviews

Pros: is a fast website builder - if you only need the basic features, you'll be able to make your website really fast.

Cons: The company has some really shady business practices, and the templates are way too out of date for anyone who wants to make a modern website.

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10. Webnode Review

  • Free version available
  • Good for SEO
  • A decent amount of features
Our score 8.2
628 User reviews

Pros: Webnode offers users some great SEO options, and has a free version of the builder available for anyone to use.

Cons: The website builder lacks functionality, and comes equipped with some rather outdated theme templates.

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How to choose the top website builders?

We provide our readers with all the information needed to choose only the top website builders & effortlessly go online in minutes. There are many online website builders that claim to be fast and flexible, but right after you purchase your subscription, they turn out to be nothing more than difficult interfaces with outdated templates, constant downtime & slow speeds. This is why, in our website builder reviews, we analyze price, site speed, stability, interface options, and many more vital features. You can be sure that the website builder you choose will make reaching your online audience super easy & smooth.

Why do you need a website builder?

You might think that in order to have a beautiful and fully functional website, you need to spend a lot of time & fortune on hiring web developers & designers. What if we told you that it's not true? If you are smart and trying to save up a stable budget & time, the best option is finding yourself the best website builder online. It allows you to create a stunning website fast, without the need to learn programming languages or deal with developers & designers. You’re completely in control!

Best Website Builders Internet Growth

Online presence is more profitable than ever

Internet penetration is skyrocketing and businesses are putting a lot of effort into making themselves visible online. If you’re not online, you are robbing yourself of high exposure & new channels of income. Either you have a small business, an individual project or simply a hobby - you need a website. Having your own online platform can help you reach your goals. That’s where the top website builders come in - by using online website makers, you can reach your audience with a blink of an eye & save a lot of money while you’re at it.

Making yourself visible online is not hard at all - your grandma could do it! That’s because top website builders do not require any programming skills. You only need to have an image in your head of how your website should look. Being able to build your desired website in minutes is the fastest & cheapest way to monetize from the increasing internet penetration.

Top website builder reviews by the numbers

The website builder industry is on the peak of popularity & there are more new players entering the market than ever before. Most of them talk loud, advertise blunt, but at the end of the day, it’s not much more than empty promises & disappointing features. This is why we never lie, we say it like it is. Here, website builder reviews are honest & to the point.


Website builders tested

It can be difficult to separate the top website builders from the worst ones without actually building a website with all of them. This is why our team has taken it upon themselves to test and review as many different online website creators as possible. The main features that we look at are always price & speed.

3, 917

Genuine user reviews

Even though we test the website makers ourselves, our opinion is not the most important aspect - we care what the majority of users think. That’s why, before ranking the top website builders, we put in a lot of hours into analyzing thousands of user reviews & comments. All this to make the rankings even more accurate.


Review process

It would be impossible to objectively analyze the top website builders without testing them manually. Instead of relying only on the feedback of others, our researchers have refined a 6-step review process that we take daily to document the most important aspects & determine the best website builders.

The core factors of top website builders

Research before you buy! There’s a variety of different factors to consider when you're looking for top website builders. Some of these factors may not seem as important at first, but believe us - in the process of creating your website, you’ll notice that a lot of website builders lack even the main features. So before choosing, make sure you analyzed the website creator market first!

Top Website Builders speed


The number one feature advertised by most website builders is speed. Sadly, they fail to reach it in a lot of cases. The best website builder has to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk - it has to empower users to create their desired website as fast as possible. If you can manage to publish your website online in minutes, that website builder was the right choice.

Top Website Builders price


Pricing is always important while choosing any service. Even though website creators generally seem cheap, don’t be fooled! Some website builders claim to have free services & free plans, only to reveal later that vital additional features cost a fortune. You need to look for the best website makers that don’t cost an arm & a leg and offer additional bonuses, like web hosting or AI functions.

Top Website Builders ease of use

Ease of Use

Website builders that are easy to use are what everyone wants. After all, if the user wanted the website creation process to be complicated, he/she would have hired a developer. The fact that top website builders do not require any programming knowledge is great, but sadly, not all website makers are easy to use. So before deciding on which website builder you want, make sure using it is not a puzzle.

Top Website Builders ui / ux


A website builder can be really easy to use, and still have a confusing user interface. You will notice that top website builders, however, provide the user with the most beautiful interfaces - they’re clear, don’t cause any confusion, are easily accessible & the layouts are super-simple to manage. These kind of website makers are documented in our best website builder reviews.

Top Website Builders themes


Themes are one of the most important aspects to any top website builder’s success. They are often showcased in various ad campaigns - the best website builders know that a great theme (and a huge variety of them) might be the deciding factor for a person looking to create a website. But have in mind that a lot of website builders offer a poor variety of themes that can be very outdated.

Top Website Builders variety of features

Variety of Features

A proper website builder will offer the user a wide variety of different features to pick from. Want to write a blog? No problem. Changed your mind and now you want to convert your blog into an e-commerce site? You’ve got it! No matter how many times you decide to do something else, the top website builders should always be flexible & offer you great scale of different features.


Is it easy to create a website with the top website builders?

Generally, website makers are known for being extremely easy to use. That’s actually their whole initial deal - while website constructors such as WordPress could be intimidating for anyone who doesn’t have any technical knowledge of the topic, best website makers aim to solve this problem by offering users the ability to create their website in a single afternoon.

What are the benefits of using the top website makers?

The most obvious benefit of using the top website makers is simplicity. You are likely to never encounter a problem that wouldn’t have an obvious solution that you could implement in just a few minutes time (and even if you were, there’s always customer support). Further benefits include awesome website design, built-in search engine optimization (SEO) kits, easily manageable eCommerce features, and so on.

What sets MyBestWebsiteBuilder apart from other top website builders reviews sites?

The team of MyBestWebsiteBuilder is focused on one thing, and one thing only - to provide the reader with the most accurate, factual and experience-proven information about the top website builders in the current market. We do not aim to compare or compete with other review websites - it is not in our best interest. Instead, we strive to prove that manually testing each single website maker and combining that information with user reviews is the most optimal way to provide correct and unbiased information about the top website builders.

Can I use a website maker to create an online shop?

Yup - most of the time you definitely can. In fact, it’s actually a really big selling point for a lot of the top website makers out there - you will see providers advertise the fact that you can set up a dropshipping business on your website in just a few clicks of the mouse! Usually, processes such as shipping fees and transactional details are already taken care of by the website builders themselves.

Can I upload my already-existing website to a website builder?

Most of the time - no, you cannot. It’s one of the few shortcomings that website builders do have - even most of the top website builders in the industry do not allow users to import and export their websites. This means that once you’ve chosen a website maker and created your website, you’re stuck with it. This is why it’s important that you choose wisely, and in order to do so, you should read our top website builder reviews.

Will I be able to optimize my website for Google if it’s created with one of the top website builders?

Yes - most commonly, you will. The top website builders have special SEO kits built into them - they allow you to customize and tweak your SEO preferences, choose and count keywords, and so on. Frankly, you shouldn’t encounter any major issues concerning search engine optimization as far as the best website builders are concerned.